Quincy Carter Cut By Indoor Team

Most quarterbacks burn out of the NFL, and aren’t seen again.  Quincy Carter is involved in a long, slow fade from professional football since his last NFL throw in 2004.

He may have finally bottomed out.

After two arrests this year, Carter was cut Saturday by the Abilene Ruff Riders of the Indoor Football League.  His legal trouble isn’t what got him the boot.

According to the Abiline Reporter-News, Carter phoned his coached four hours before Saturday’s game to tell him he couldn’t play.  (Fireworks plans?)  Carter was cut from the team by halftime.

Unlike most Quincy Carter stories, this one has a happy ending.  The Ruff Riders won their game 43-27 despite a 4-of-16 performance by their new quarterback.   

11 responses to “Quincy Carter Cut By Indoor Team

  1. “. . . despite a 4-of-16 performance by their new quarterback.”
    Actually, that was probably an improvement over what they could have expected from Carter.

  2. LOL this is the guy that said a couple of months ago had he not done drugs no one would know who tony romo is… yeah and had i not eaten that sandwich i wouldn’t have diarrhea

  3. Indoor Football League crap but not a word on the Canadian Football League regular season?
    C’mon ProFootballTalk.com cover pro football.
    With this now huge staff not one gets to say anything about Professional Football North of the border?

  4. Nelson,
    I thought that CFT stood for Canadian Football Talk. Try there.
    Sincerly, Florio’s click counter

  5. I just wish I could get Canadian football on TV here. While it is obviously NOT the NFL in player quality, I like some of the aspects of the game such as only 3 downs and the scoring system. And it definitely beats watching baseball until the NFL season begins.

  6. @Bob Nelson: This story wasn’t posted because it was an IFL story; it was posted because it was a Quincy Carter story.
    You can rest easy now knowing BOTH the IFL and CFL are completely irrelevant.

  7. every time i read about carter i hear the music from that old jack klugman tv show…

  8. Somewhere, Bill Parcells is smiling to himself.
    Who ya gonna blame THIS time, Quincy?
    Couldn’t even cut it in the Arena League???

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