Report: McNair's Wife Didn't Know About Girlfriend

Though there has been a vague presumption that the wife of slain NFL quarterback Steve McNair was aware that he had a girlfriend, a report in the New York Daily News indicates that this simply wasn’t the case.

Tim Ghianni and Jonathan Lemire of the Daily News report that Mechelle McNair didn’t know that her late husband was dating 20-year-old Sahel Kazemi.

She’s blindsided by this,” one source said.  “She’s crushed.  Her whole world is

The fact that Mechelle McNair didn’t know combined with a claim from Kazemi’s family that McNair would soon be divorcing his wife could point to a set of facts in which McNair was trying to break things off with Kazemi, who while under the influence of alcohol (or something else) might have reacted irrationally — and violently — to the news.

But where did the gun come from?  It possibly belonged to McNair, who might have left the thing laying around without ever considering that the girl he was dating would use it on him.

Regardless of how this all shakes out, 15 years after a former NFL star found himself accused of killing his ex-wife and her friend, a former NFL star is the victim in a murder mystery that might be as simple as it all seems, or that might end up being a lot more complex.

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  1. As a Nashvillian, I hope our PD doesn’t spend a lot of time chasing phantoms just because this is a high profile case. It’s pretty clear what happened.

  2. With the SUV in Kazemi and McNair’s name (no reason for any DMV info to ever be sent to the McNair home) and the condo owned by McNair and his buddy (probably as many documents/utilities etc as possible in the other guy’s name) he was doing a good job of hiding the affair. UNTIL that Thursday night DUI – that would’ve potentially blown the lid off.

  3. It has been a whole two days and the focus of the story has already shifted from the tragedy of McNair’s death to the soap opera-like affair in which he apparently involved himself.
    How about allowing the families of the deceased to cope with their losses before forcing them to face the certainty that their personal lives are about to become entertainment for all to see?

  4. Dunt Dunt Duhhhh….
    Wifey didn’t know? Do they ever?
    Girls family says Stevie divorcing? Of course he was, why would a fine christian girl from the ghettos of Memphis be with him otherwise?
    Possibly his gun lying about? A possibly jilted girlfriend and/or wife. This is just plain stupid.
    In retorspect OJ looks like a freakin genius.
    Stay tuned to this Bat channel for more riveting details!

  5. I’m blindsided that Mechelle claims to not know when half of Nashville did. Denial or pride, I don’t know. Regardless, I feel for the grieving widow.

  6. Pretty speculative during a time of mourning, mike. Can you imagine how she will feel if this turns out to be a murder-suicide as it certainly appears? Found out her husband was cheating, about to divorce her, murdered in cold blood, and now accused of double murder –nice one florio.

  7. Granted.., this situation is just awful for the families left behind. But this is just another reminder of how athletes are not role models.
    Even the most goodest of good guys, aren’t all that good when you scratch the surface. For everything great that Steve McNair was on the field of play.., you cannot admire him as a person, if this is how he was living his life.
    Keep in mind that somewhere out there, is a wife and kids, who have completely lost the husband/father they knew. Not just because of the murder, but moreso, by the uncovering of the lies, deceit and betrayal to his own family. How will his own wife and kids, ever hold the same admiration and respect of him? That’s a bitter pill to swallow and it makes the conversations I have with my own kids about what a role model is and isn’t.., seem a little bit easier.

  8. Florio,
    If you had read the e-mail I sent you, I’m sure you would be looking at the girl’s boyriend (Keith Norfleet) and his buddy as the prime suspects. There was a status update on Norfleet’s friend’s page that read:
    “riden with keith. f*** a quarterback. who is Mcnair in 09? rip sahel kazemi”
    The last log-in date for that account was July 2nd.
    The account has since been suspended, but I took a screen shot and sent it to you.

  9. I find it very difficult to believe that McNair registered an SUV with his girlfriend, yet his wife didn’t know about her. Give me a break. I think the wife knew, and I also think the report is wrong and it will come out that the wife knew. Right now, I think she is lying to make herself look better, but she needs to lawyer up, tell the truth, and move on.
    Do I think she did it? Nah, I don’t think Mrs. McNair had anything to do with this. But do I think she had no idea Steve had a girlfriend? SH*T NO!!! She knew he had a girlfriend…had to. But like many of the NFL wives of cheaters, she learned to accept it I am sure.

  10. i don’t know if assuming that McNair was trying to break it off with Kazemi is fair enough of a motive to warrant these actions.
    All McNair did to Kazemi was give her a lifestyle she had never known. she went from living with her folks & driving a Kia to having her own place to live & a new Escalade with trips to tropical destinations.
    we also have no reason to believe McNair was trying to end the affair with Kazemi, do we? Either way, i don’t see this as motive enough for Kazemi…. she would end her life over having to go back to what she was used to for the previous 20 years? doesn’t make sense….

  11. His GF was 20 years old huh? he had a SECRET condo?AND a car in his & her name?
    Sorry sports fans if your a cheater you DESERVE whatever you get.
    He’s a typical “PlayA” is all that I see in this story who got mixed up with a chic with some MOXIE and guts to pull the hammer!

  12. It’s about time someone said something about the wife. Everyone keeps tlaking about what a great guy McNair was, well, he wasn’t that great of a guy if he was out cheating on his wife while she was at home caring for his four sons. I’ve lost a lot of respect for McNair and hope the rest of the nation has as well, but probably not because philandering quarterbacks are awesome in the eyes of America!

  13. I know plenty of men who cheat, and do all sorts of things for the mistresses. The shocking thing is their wives are often time oblivious to the obvious. Not because they are stupid, but because of they beliefs.

  14. I don’t understand the NPD. They didn’t find a gun immediately? did they check her hands for gunpowder or the gun for fingerprints…either she wacked out and killed the golden goose or somebody else did … Regardless, Steve McNair didn’t deserve death, he was an outstanding person, who gave to the community and was a genuinely caring individual. Being from Houston where Steve started his NFL career, i will miss him dearly!

  15. Get real. Of course she knew, and she had millions of reasons to let it slide. The dingbat girlfriend, on the other hand was getting used, and she finally figured it out. I bet 50% of the African American Pro football players have the same thing going on on the side. And don’t call me racist for recognizing the culture. It’s just hard fact. I hope she wasn’t pregnant, but I too would not be surprised if she was. Also, I would not be surprised o find out that she was not his only action on the side. Ya play with fire, and you sometimes get burned…

  16. the cops are probly just waiting for the full report on the girl before breaking the conspiracy theorists hearts on this one.

  17. Somebody asked about Life insurance. NO, it does NOT increase in the case of a homicide, and in some cases it is voided if the death occurs during the commission of a crime. Almost all refuse to pay if the insured committed the crime, but some won’t pay, even if the insured is the vitim! I think that the NFL retirement rules do cover the wife, which would be a direct result of the player’s union bargaining…they know what their members are up to…
    Mechelle did catch a lucky break financially though. If he had left her before his demise, it would have been brutal…no NFL retirement support for jilted wives…only those still married at the time of player death.

  18. i am sure he cared… for a lot of women…
    maybe he’s dead because he CARED TOO MUCH.
    play it like that, posse.

  19. “recognizing the culture” – blueskysii
    maybe you aren’t a racist, just a little ignorant.
    let’s see who’s been in the news for publicly cheating on their wives:
    Governor Sanford, South Carolina
    President Bill Clinton, New Jersey Governor James McGreevey, Idaho Senator Larry Craig, Louisiana Senator David Vitter, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani
    WHAT A SHOCK, it’s not just black guys. some ppl are so ignorant they shouldn’t be allowed to post.
    a man is a man is a man regardless of race/ethnicity/occupation/age, etc. they are all tempted and ALOT of them give in.

  20. Simple but compelling lesson……..don’t cheat on your wife and family (yes, infidelity is also cheating on your kids).
    Had he been faithful to his wife and his family, he would still be alive.
    Instead, his selfish and narcissistic conduct has ruined the lives of his wife, 4 sons and his concubine’s family.
    The tragedy is found in the impact that his death has had on the people who trusted him.

  21. Thank YOU ladysportsfan22, and that is just to name a few….! Empty12, let me know if you should need any further clarification.
    My heart and prayers go out to this family with hopes that Justice will be done for whomever the person responsible is.

  22. Ladysportsfan and BlueJay lets not forget THe REVEREND Jesse JAckson…oh but is he a REAL POLITICIAN? The Rev has NEVER held a FULL TIME job. McNair was a Playa just like all the rest of the NFL = (N_g_ers F_ck_n_ Ladies)
    GO SKINS BEAT Dallas

  23. Skins=Show,
    YOUR MAMMA!! By the way, the Cowboys will kick the skins’ ass and I’ll be there to see it. Wear something so I can recognize you. Let’s see how brave you are with your words in public.

  24. Ladysportsfan:I’m not saying that white males in a position of power are immune to the parasitic attractions of women on the hunt. In fact, I’m not ready to entirely blame the guys in the relationship at all. It is just a cold reality that black rich guys (especially sports figures, which is, by far, the most applauded category) are easy targets for gold diggers looking for a free “babies momma” joy ride out of the ghetto.
    I didn’t say that black male athletes are more susceptible to this manipulation because of any genetic defect or anything. All I’m saying is that in black culture, being seen as a polygamistic seed spreader is definitely portrayed as a manly and admirable thing, whereas the white community has no such warped sense of value. I bet you anything that this bimbo was not the only woman that will come forward to announce her love and connection with McNair.

  25. bluejay. The person responsible is already dead. His name is McNair. You don’t really think it’s a conspiracy do you?

  26. bluesky i can agree with that.
    and that. and that. and that.
    but i do find it hard to believe that the missus never had a clue about the old hound dog. maybe she didnt know about the “shooter babe” specifically, but i would bet that the topic of infidelity had come up between the missus and the ramblin man before.

  27. Why are some of today’s football players turining out to be such poor role models for our children

  28. Coloradoson: In my own opinion, please understand this. Our “Pop-stars”, “political leaders”, and “sports figures” are NOT role models. They don’t grow up saying I want to be a role model. They want to be stars. They want to win, they want to play, they want your money. We buy the tickets, magazines, jerseys, posters and albums. But, these people do not raise our children, nor do they care about our children.
    WE DO.
    Yes – there are some awesome family men in the NFL and all other sports and entertainment. I’m not saying that they are all the same.
    However, the good guys rarely get the press. It just so happens that my son has a Baltimore Ravens “McNair” shirt.
    I am so sick of everyone calling these guys “Role Models”. I LOVE my footbal Sundays – but it is up to me and my husband to be the “Role Models” for our children – not rely on some steroid head, liar, attempted murder or cheater.
    McNair was a dumbass who cheated, got killed and then got caught. No one knows the circumstances and no one knows what happens behind closed doors. Juciy Gossip? Yes. Role Model ? No.

  29. I don’t feel sorry for the guy. I’m not even sure if I feel sorry for his wife. I do feel sorry for his kids. They’re the innocent in this mucked up situation. It’s too bad that these kids have to deal with dumbass parents like this character.
    That’s what he gets for picking up some whacked out waitress, and galavanting her around as if he’s going to leave his wife and kids.
    Can’t have your cake and eat it too. Bummers!

  30. HighCrestGirl: I tend to disagree- in part. When a pop star, a top athelete, a politician, and even actors goes after the spotlight- they want the adoration, they want people to look at them. They depend on us liking them, Atheletes need us looking at them as the heroes of “OUR TEAM” to ensure a future. Actors want us to see them as great enterntainers to demand more roles for them… Pop stars need us to connect to their song- to feel a kindred spirit -to “get it” and buy more cds. The politicians want us to hear what they have to say… they want us to think they are the best for the nation/ state/ city, they want us to look at them as something above reproach with true undying integrity…They want our votes. It would be nice to pick and choose who looks at us, who adores us, and who drools after us… and when. Yes at the end of the day- it’s just a job but a job that comes not only with grand benefits of money, fame, and fortune but also the world watching them. That’s the price one pays for being a center of attention – for seeking the audience/ voters attention … you can’t pick and choose when and where people look at you (though I do believe we should respect their privacy.)
    As a kid growing up- I heard parents tell kids… look at so and so… he’s the greatest… as adults a lot of us ‘hero worship’ these people, we teach our kids… you want to play football… be like so and so, want to get out of the poor inner city… be like Shaq. Be the President of the United States- As adults we place these people on pedestals and we tell our kids these people are examples of what we want to be…. Our media gives us what they want and what we want… we want glamour so we get to watch Oscars, Emmys, and Grammies. They want to walk on red carpets- we want to see them glam it up on the red carpet. We want to see our politicians win and they win by being in the public saying “listen to me” and they speak not only for the folks gathered but to the cameras. The media lists these people as the most beautiful, the most eligible bachelor, the riches most influential.
    These people entering these fields today KNOW that children and teens look up to them.. yet they hunger for it and in a lot of cases they feel they can have more, do anything they want to … They don’t want us to know when they step out of line then they get angry, cry, and shame us for looking at them in their darkest hours… they want to have their cake and more with the world watching only when THEY want us too.
    I do agree with you when it comes to parents needing to be the role models to their kids. We want our kids to take the best that we are and do better then us… but kids learn by example. It takes turning off the TV, not buying them all the cds and movies they want. It takes us sitting down at the dinner table and appreciating what we have and not just complaining about what we don’t have. It takes parents bonding without the season tickets. It takes saying no and making “familytime” just as important as individual activies. It takes us doing these things early on. Even with all this we can’t expect to be the one and only role model to our children. We can try to influence them in the kind of people to look up to but most importantly take lessons from the fall everyone is human …and cheat on your spouse- you, your spouse, and your kids, possibly your lover(s) will suffer somehow, including being killed.
    and also McNair worked with kids at football camps.. so yes he did ask to be a role model for kids and teens.

  31. It’s amazing to read some of the ignorant thoughts of people who post to these stories. Some of you should be ashamed of yourselves for letting your idiotic thoughts show.
    McNair in no way deserved to be murdered. Adultery is a sin, not a crime. If we all died for our sins (since there is not one greater than the other in God’s eyes), none of you would be posting stupid thoughts – you’d be DEAD.
    McNair is a good person who made mistakes. And for the idiot who blames this on a problem with black men laying seeds everywhere, I’m going to have to stoop to your level against my better judgment. It’s not that white men are any cleaner, or without sin. It’s just that ya’ll prefer little boys, so no way are you leaving seeds behind. You moron.

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