T.O. in Buffalo beyond 2009?

NFL_owens_250.jpgMany league observers assume that receiver Terrell Owens’ detour to Buffalo represents a one-year visit and not a long-term destination.

His agent, Drew Rosenhaus, said during a weekly Sunday night television appearance in Miami that Owens likely will be a Bill for more than just a single season.

“The fans are outstanding, Terrell loves the fans,” Rosenhaus said, per Edgar Thompson of the Palm Beach Post.

In our view, T.O.’s prospects for 2010 will be driven primarily by the team’s performance.  Even if Owens catches 100 passes for 1,500 yards and 15 touchdowns, failure to make the playoffs likely will result in the termination of coach Dick Jauron.  And the next coach might not want to retain Owens.

Then again, the front office might tell the next coach that Owens will be coming back, and that the next head coach needs to be committed to keeping him around.

You know, kind of like the Broncos did when finding a guy to lead a team that already had a young franchise quarterback on the roster.

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  1. lol, good one Florio. Exactly what was Josh McDaniel doing. Regardless of what Matt Cassell did in New England, you can’t go to a new team and try to secretly trade their young franchise quarterback, who in my opinion is better than Cassell. As if Cutler, wasnt supposed to be angry. Now McDaniel is on the verge of ridding the Broncos of the team’s next best player, in Brandon Marshall. McDaniel’s job security is on thin ice, with a fat lady walking on it..lol

  2. So I am taking November 1st in the office pool as to when this happy love affair will spoil and the real T.O shows up yelling at players and coaches and says he wants out of Buffalo.
    What days are you guys taking?

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see Ownes sign. When a perennial loser like Buffalo finally gets a taste of success, Owens will be a part of that breakout. He has nothing to lose and everything to gain in Buffalo. If they win the Superbowl?.

  4. PR fluff. Rosenhaus, et al have to say this crap to have a good 2009 in Buffalo so he has leverage to play for a large market team in 2010.
    Mike, I’m surprised you didn’t call this one before I did.

  5. Yeah, he wanted to stay in San Fran, Philly, and Dallas too – but none of those teams wanted him to stay. The same will hold true in Buf once he demolishes any and all team chemistry.

  6. Don’t get excited Florio, he has yet to face the midseason struggles of working with a young QB. If he survives the 2009 season without crying or bitching at Trent Edwards, then we can talk long term

  7. “Terrell loves the fans,”
    Sure, NOW he loves them, but when they start booing him like every other team, he’ll say something like its his upbringing, his quarterback, the tight end, the city, the weather, the fans, or anything else that will continue to enable him to be a douche bag…

  8. I’m taking October 18th. If the Bills have lost there 3 away games against division opponents, the playoffs are probably out of reach and the shouting begins.

  9. I think it would be hilarious if T.O. and Anquan Boldin both ended up in Chicago with Cutler. Throw in a little Jeremy Shockey and some Brandon Marshall, and round out the back field with Ricky Williams and you have the most dramatic cast than Les Miserables.
    T.O. needs approximately 10 dropped passes on the season, and a record of less than 11 wins to keep his reality TV show relevant and interesting.
    He’s out of Buffalo in 2010 – not enough limelight or people to criticize. The problem is when he claims that Trent Edwards isn’t worthy enough to be throwing balls to him – he’s probably right.
    Side Note – T.O. is crazy enough to believe the free agency class of the NBA in 2010 has something to do with how valuable he is!!

  10. @ RaidersSavior
    The irony is–there ARE teams that full of drama and dysfunction and egomaniacal, under-achieving brats…
    One of them’s the Cowboys.
    And the other is the RAIDERS.
    Funny, isn’t it?

  11. LOL.
    The raiders will be (somewhat) drama free when Al Davis finally kicks the bucket and his son sells the team to someone who will be willing to run the team with a more current philosophy than one that died in the 1970’s.
    Until then, the misery continues.
    The biggest difference between the Cowboys drama and the Raiders drama:
    The cowboy’s drama is entertaining, the raiders drama is annoying.

  12. Chris must be Owens’ PFT screen name… Lol, one of the best. Keep telling yourself that… stats aren’t everything. Rice, now he IS the best to ever play at that position, and not just because of stats… His work ethic, his lack of drama, etc. etc. etc. I could go on. Harrison is another, although he did tarnish that reputation a bit…

  13. DcNinerFan:
    What makes you think that TO doesn’t have good work ethic? His main problem through his career is his inability to keep his mouth shut when the media eggs him on. I agree with Chris that he IS one of the best receivers in the game.

  14. DcNiner
    You are saying T.O. does not have a good work ethic. Your are crazy. This guy is better shape then most NFL players. Rice played one one of the best teams ever if he did not play on that team and played for a team that was just average then I think he would have been average. Do you forget the end of his playing years he just did not no when to leave. Rice was good but I would still take T.O.

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