"Both sides tried" in Peppers contract talks

NFL_peppers.jpgJulius Peppers didn’t sign an extension with the Panthers before Wednesday’s 4PM deadline, but there are no hard feelings.

“Both sides tried,” said Peppers’ agent, Carl Carey Wednesday. “Julius is looking forward to the season.”  (I would be looking forward to making $16.683 million by New Year’s too.)

The positive attitude is good news for Panthers brass, although not a shock.  Coach John Fox said all along he didn’t expect Peppers to be a problem if the team didn’t honor his trade request.

The defensive end’s salary will make the Panthers snug to the salary cap, but the team proved wise over the summer in calling Peppers’ bluff. 

It’s unclear what they will do with him next offseason, but that’s a problem for another league year. 

13 responses to “"Both sides tried" in Peppers contract talks

  1. Stupid. They should look at the 16 million as a given and start with guaranteed money on top of that. Now once the 16 million is gone, he’s going to want even more $.
    Teams continue to make this mistake..

  2. Why would Peppers want to negotiate a contract when he can get $30+ million in just two years by getting franchise tagged? He’s playing the system.

  3. 3yrs 54 mil? Is that credible? Cause if so he either is real happy with franchise tags or is a little slow. Jesus wearing pads ain’t worth 18mil a year.

  4. Justin, Probably because he can get 50 million GUARANTEED for a long term deal. One cheap shot chop block and he’s out a pile & don’t forget that he has 2 games/year against the Falcons (poke, poke).

  5. If he had a real agent, this would be done. But a college buddy who has never negotiated a NFL contract, is not good for business.

  6. 29 soon to be 30…I’d rather be franchised two years in a row and make $30+ million guaranteed, in just two years. Then again,anyone of us on this site would cry tears of joy to make million in 4 years……..

  7. Tyson Clabo + Harvey Dahl = Julius Peppers worst nightmare (poke, poke…….poke)

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