Panthers agree to terms with Duke Robinson

The Carolina Panthers have struck a four-year deal with rookie offensive guard Duke Robinson that included a $171,590 signing bonus, according to a league source.

The fifth-round draft pick’s deal has a maximum value of $2.663 million if a fourth-year escalator clause is triggered.

Robinson’s contract includes minimum base salaries of $310,000, $395,000, $480,000 and $565,000.

The 6’5, 330-pound former University of Oklahoma standout is the great nephew of singer Smokey Robinson.

Robinson is a two-time All-Big 12 selection who garnered All-American notice for the Sooners.

During his campus Pro Day workout, Robinson registered a 31 1/2 inch vertical leap and bench pressed 225 pounds 20 times.

3 responses to “Panthers agree to terms with Duke Robinson

  1. Watch your mouth there, screaming sheep. Also, that first word you are attempting to use there is spelled “cue”, as in the mentioning of Smokey Robinson will somehow trigger within me an involuntary need to sing, via typing in a post at, a hit song from yesteryear by said artist. It pleases me to know you’ve observed this over the last few weeks, in these dog days of summer, and as a treat I’ve left one just for you, you Panther Punk, in the article on Matt Jones above.
    Perhaps you could have commented on the signing of Duke Robinson, in the fifth round of all places, as a major coup for your squad. Robinson was projected to be a second round pick. He could help ease the loss of that do-it-all O-lineman who fled in ecstasy to the Buffalo Bills. What was his name? Geoff Handjobber? Geoff Handholder? Geoff Glandholder? Whatever.
    Enjoy your .500 football team in 2009.
    Note: Due to time constraints there will be no rendition of “I Second That Emotion”.

  2. LOL, Rotoworld is run by such morons. They make so many mistakes. According to Rotoworld the Panthers just signed Duke Preston!
    And they also have a failed analysis on the Redskins pegging the value accurately for the DE in the Supp draft. The next highest offer was a top 4th round pick and the Redskins paid a middle 3rd.
    Only 5 of 32 teams even bothered to put a 4th rounder, and 4 of those 5 teams are at the bottom of the 4th round, so only the Lions and the Redskins WAY overvalued him w/respect to the market, and the Redskins by about a half round compared to the Lions.
    Rotoworld doesn’t have a comments section so I thought I’d make fun of them here, cause I can’t stand crappy sports reporters.

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