Saints do a lottery deal

Continuing the current trend of tapping new revenue streams during a down economy, the New Orleans Saints have announced a partnership with the Louisiana lottery for a scratch-and-lose ticket game.

“Imagine touring the Saints practice facility, having lunch with the Saints’ head coach, enjoying the season in plaza sideline seats or getting VIP access to pregame field activities or a clubroom in the Superdome,” Louisiana lottery president Rose Hudson said in a release issued by the Saints.  “These are just some of the ways the lottery will give Saints fans a reason to smile this football season when we launch a $5 game featuring the team.”

We wonder whether the deal included an agreement that the film company in which Saints players and coach Sean Payton invested nearly $2 million will finally be declared eligible for those income-tax credits.

4 responses to “Saints do a lottery deal

  1. I understand that Sean Payton’s has a project in development with Louisiana Film Studios to star Kevin Houser in a snuff film.

  2. I think the Saints need to win a lottery that will exempt them from having to play the Bears at the end of the year.
    What is it–3 years in a row now? (that the Bears have ended their season)

  3. Awesome!!! 10’s of prizes no one will win. Gotta love the scratch-offs.
    “Scratch-offs”: gambling for the low income impatient folks, who can’t just cant handle waiting until 7 pm for the numbers.

  4. I think $5 is a little too much for that kind of scratch off. I’m not exactly sure what demographic they’re catering to… but us po’ folks don’t buy $5 tix.

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