Man arrested for selling gun to Kazemi

A convicted felon accused of providing the gun that was later used to kill Steve McNair has been arrested by federal authorities, according to the Associated Press.

Agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives reportedly made the arrest. 

Federal prosecutors are planning to announce the charges at a press conference Friday afternoon.

Previous reports indicated Sahel Kazemi bought the gun in a private sale just days before she shot McNair, then turned the gun on herself. 

21 responses to “Man arrested for selling gun to Kazemi

  1. I hate to be that guy but, if guns were banned………
    She still would have been able to get the gun from this guy.
    This still would have happened, unfortunately.
    RIP Steve McNair

  2. Well at least politics stayed out of the comments for, um, 0 posts. Way to go.
    Perhaps now all those who were clamoring about the guy who sold her the gun will shut up now. Probably they’ll just find something else to harp upon.

  3. Mr. Florio correct me if I am wrong, but wouldn’t he be subject to being charged with being an accessory to murder?

  4. Possibly, but if we had better gun laws maybe the guy would still be in jail and unable to sell the weapon to her.

  5. Steve McNair was a fine football player respected by both teammates and opponents alike. But when do we recognize the fact that he was a lowlife as a man. Even though we live in a pretentious society it’s still horribly wrong and unacceptable to cheat on your spouse and kids-that’s not old school, that’s common sense. Anyone who thinks it’s O.K. to cheat is sick in the head and belongs with Michael Vick. Steve McNair would not be dead if he didn’t cheat on his wife and kids.

  6. You know whats Farked up about this?
    I guarantee you the cops investigating the murder/suicide told the guy who sold the gun to Kazemi that they are not interested in charging him for selling the gun but instead they are only interested in solving a bigger crime that took place, the murder suicide so please cooperate with us.
    All along the guy is thinking hey I helped the cops I’m all good then BAMM!! Here comes ATF with a warrant for his arrest. You have been punk-ed and not in a ashton kutcher funny kind of way either.
    Nobody lies and cheats more than the police and our government. I trust common street thieves more.

  7. What do you mean? Florio assured all of us in one of his previous McNair articles that more laws will make us all safer. Are you saying that’s not true? Maybe if they outlaw adultery these won’t happen anymore. Makes sense doesn’t it? Bad decision= bad outcome.

  8. Ban handguns, enforce stricter punishment for possession of these killing devices. They serve no sensable purpose.

  9. What comes next, hopefully, is an arrest of the person (Keith Norfleet) who hooked Kazemi up with the person who sold her the gun. Maybe cell-phone records showing a call made by Norfleet’s phone to the seller will seal the deal and put the “other” scumbag in jail, too.

  10. @The Real Shuxion
    You tha man! I’ve always said the only thing gun laws do is take guns away from law abiding citizens. Criminals, who are already breaking the law, don’t give a rat’s ass if having a gun is legal or not. Criminals will always have guns, there’s too many out there. Honest folks like myself, I may not ever need my guns to fend off a bad guy and hopefully the only shooting I do is recreational… but just in case I have mine.

  11. If the guy was a convicted felon he is not allowed to possess a gun let alone sell one..!

  12. Hope that 100 dollars you got for the gun that probably already had god knows how many bodies on it was worth it. Probably used the money to get his fix.

  13. yes, other than arrest people who speak publicly for criticizing them….
    all that can be done by cops (or the establishment) in cases like this is… clean up afterwards.

  14. DeVoodoo says:
    July 17, 2009 12:45 PM
    Let Forio’s vindication party begin.
    How does this vindicate Florio? It only makes him look more ridiculous for the week he spent trying to convince us that…………
    -the wife
    -the cop
    -the boyfriend
    -the mysterious professional hitman
    did the killings and then staged the murder/suicide scene.

  15. This guy also sold them the escalade, and owns Crazy Iranian Women Parasailing Inc..

  16. SNB, yeah the cops lie all of the time to get information, but, at the same time, you can’t fault the cops for the guy not having the sense to ask for immunity before he opened his mouth. Sign before you speak, don’t think you can do something wrong and then get off scott free because you helped them out. The guy’s an idiot and heading back to jail. What I also find funny about this topic is that a lot of people on here are always talking about taking responsibility and doing the right thing, but in a situation like this, I’m sure that everyone would agree that the guy should have kept his mouth shut.

  17. Anybody know if Marvin Harrison took a “vacation” to Nashville for the 4th of July?

  18. Yeah, how dare those damned cops arrest a convicted felon guilty of second-degree murder for committing a highly illegal act…the bastards!
    Do you people think…ever? Maybe none of you are aware of this, but actions have consequences. If you don’t understand that very basic and simple rule, then you probably shouldn’t be caring for yourself, or anyone else.

  19. My question is, are the authorities going to pursue the party that sold the gun to the Felon? Who (the felon) in turn sold it to the mistress? Cause that IS illegal too!
    I mean when does that trail stop on the selling process? Does it stop when the person doesn’t have a record? SOMEBODY, sold the gun to the felon. Why aren’t they making arrest for selling firearms to felons? That’s equally illegal… I bet some pawn shop sold him that gun, and since they probably don’t have a record, and they’re a business; they WILL probably let them slide!
    The issue is, not the Felons wrong doing that’s obvious. Although, I don’t think he (the felon) should be charged with anything more than “felon in possession of a firearm”. That charge alone IS a MANDATORY 5 years in federal penitentiary. So gun laws do work with that law.
    The Issue is; 1st, If you going to pursue the HISTORY of the gun which IS what this is.. Then you have to trace it back to the manufacturer then hold them equally liable. I know life’s unfair, but it’s not an excuse to play favorites when it involves the law. Especially, when it SEEMS all the law is doing is convicting someone alive because the perpetrator of this tragedy is dead.
    2nd, Let’s NOT forget the FACT that the mistress had planned this out. The gun was obtained prior to the engagement at the hotel. Meaning, that SHE WOULD ‘VE obtained a GUN somewhere and somehow WITH OR WITHOUT THE FELONS HELP.
    How convenient for authorities to have a felon involved in this tragedy, because a Famous Person was murdered, and when a famous person dies. Somebody ALIVE has too be liable. Not to seek justice, but to look good in the public eye on a high profile case. So, in turn they go reaching for conspiracy ( by researching the history of the gun stopping when it crossed the hands of the felon) technicalities to convict to show the public we did something when UNFORTUNATELY ALL of this could’ve been prevented by NOT cheating on your wife in the 1st place.
    Hell, if we’re going to criticize the felon for who he is. Then we SHOULD criticize the mistress for double murder (McNair & Herself). Also, we should criticize McNair for being an adulterer.
    Bottomline, if the mistress was arrested instead of killing herself; I doubt the law would even look at the felon who sold the gun to her… They ( the law) just NEED someone to hang.

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