Shanahan: "Will work for food"

Mike Shanahan wants back in.

“Will work for food. That’s my motto,” Shanahan told CBS4 in Denver Friday. “I want to
coach again. I’m not sure what opportunities are going to be open next
year or the year after that. I’m just trying to stay on top of my game.”

Shanahan’s comments are the first he’s made publicly since just after his emotional farewell press conference from Denver.  But it’s no secret that he plans to get back into coaching.

Speaking from the American Century Championship Celebrity Golf Tournament in Lake Tahoe, Shanahan told’s Steve Wyche he passed on chances to interview after the season.

“It’s just something that my gut didn’t feel right. I probably needed a little time to get away, especially with the way the situation wound up in Denver. I’m glad I did.” 

Jake Plummer’s favorite coach isn’t taking a vacation from football, though.  Like Jon Gruden, Shanahan is using his free time for film study.

“I probably spent more time studying football the last offseason than I
have the last 10 years. I watch a lot of film and do the same thing I
do during the season. I’ll see if there are any opportunities out there
at the end of the year that will work out for the club and myself.”

Despite his motto, Shanahan isn’t struggling to put food on the table.  It’s believed he’s owed $20 million over the next three seasons.

His desire to return, presumably in 2010, is probably music to Denver owner Pat Bowlen’s ears.  Bowlen won’t owe Shanahan the full amount remaining on his contract if he returns soon. 

Bowlen also likely appreciates Shanny’s reticence to address the start of Josh McDaniels’ tenure in Denver.  While he’s a “big Jay Cutler fan,” Shanahan appreciates that McDaniels has to “go with his gut feeling.”

Shanahan was quick to praise Chris Simms and Kyle Orton.

“Hopefully they can go out and get the job done for Denver.”

Shanahan won’t feel the same way in 2010, if he’s watching them from another sideline. 

Until then, the spectre of unemployed championship coaches like Shanahan, Gruden, and Bill Cowher will hang over the league.

Every losing streak will spark a fresh round of speculation about what coach may swoop in next year to save the day.

25 responses to “Shanahan: "Will work for food"

  1. I think he would look mighty good as the head coach in Dallas next season with Wade being “demoted” to DC.

  2. How does he feel about coming to Buffalo, Mauron is going to get fired after another disappointing season.

  3. ” certaincoachditka says: July 18, 2009 10:13 AM
    Would coupons to tanning saloon work?”
    Where do I find one of these tanning saloons you speak of? Sounds like a fun place.

  4. Mike Shanahan will be highly coveted next year that’s for sure. The Broncos were fools to let him go. I’d love to see him in Green Bay but that would take a GM with vision which the Packers don’t have.

  5. Awesome….maybe if he had spent more time studying film in Denver instead of holding onto the GM role with a death grip, he’d have won one of three games last season and still be employed.

  6. Before Shanahan arrived in DEN they were doing fairly well but Elway was over-rated. Just look at Elway’s stats and you’ll see that as soon as Shanahan arrived they balloon to hall of fame level immediately for the next bunch of years and of course that (and T.Davis) helped them win championships.
    Someone should hire him.

  7. 3:2 odds Shanny is in Chicago next year. His prodigal son is there, Lovie is on thin ice, as well as Angelo. The only reason it isn’t a lock is because of how awful the NFC North is, with a good chance of 8-8 winning the division this year, which could save their jobs. But if Favre goes to Minny, they win the North and Lovie is sent packing. Enter Shanahan.

  8. He’ll be coaching the Cowboys in 2010, after Jerry fires Wade “Michelin Man” Phillips.

  9. Could you imagine AP rushing totals if Shanhan was calling plays!! Fire Chilly Hire Shanahan

  10. Chilly is done after this year if he can’t win with a future hall of fame QB.
    Shanahan loves RB’s and can develope a QB as long as there is a good defense, which already exists. Imagine if Shanahan comes to MN and drafts one of those top 3 QBs next yr.
    The Vikes could own that division for years to come.

  11. I don’t think he’d want to go to Chicago and deal with a mortgaged future. I could see him in San diego, maybe the texans? Though the teams that could use his gm skills the most are Washington and Oakland.

  12. Fan_Of_ Four says:
    July 18, 2009 10:31 AM
    Mike Shanahan will be highly coveted next year that’s for sure. The Broncos were fools to let him go. I’d love to see him in Green Bay but that would take a GM with vision which the Packers don’t have.
    I am guessing that the only GM “Rat” Shanahan will be taking cheese from is himself…

  13. I can see him coaching the Bears if…… they tank this season. Shanny would turn them from pretenders to contenders!

  14. t2 knew he couldnt keep going with the aging diva forever. and he drafted a replacement and m2 trained him up. that’s vision.
    keeping bf and letting him run roughshod over the franchise till he got injured for good? maybe that is what the pre-t2 gm would have done, or what bf’s ballwashers would do, but that isnt vision. it’s myopia.

  15. I’m sure Al Davis is looking for someone to dispose of his Depends diapers and I’m sure that Al will pay Mike…just like last time ;->

  16. Love Shanny, but he will only go to an organization with a Franchise Quarterback. He doesn’t want to rebuild, he doesn’t know how to. He will wind up in Dallas, Chicago, San Diego, or Cinci. Price tag screams Dallas, but he would love to play Denver twice a season. San Diego.

  17. NFLed:
    “Elway was overrated.”
    Sure he was. He got Denver to 2 Super Bowls with Sammy Winder as his main running back.
    Maybe T. Davis had something to do with it, Mr. Statistics. Shanny didn’t make Elway; Elway made Shanny.

  18. Shanahan goes to Dallas. Phillips stays on as defensive coordinator. Phillips isn’t going to fill that new palace Dallas will be playing in. theise does have a good point though. If Norv Turner does not get to the Super Bowl this year, he is done.

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