Schaub connects, the wrong way

Texans quarterback Matt Schaub has suffered plenty of injuries during his two years as a starter.

Now, he has inflicted one.

Participating in this weekend’s 20th Annual American Century Celebrity Golf Championship (televised by our friends at NBC), Schaub sent a tee shot into the crowd — plunking a woman in the head with a tee shot.

“I’m so sorry. I had no idea I hit somebody,” Schaub told Sally Capehart after the incident.

Capehart went to a hospital as a precaution, but she did not appear to be injured.

She said it was the first golf tournament she’d ever attended, and she’d probably go to another one “if I don’t get hit in the head.”

Here’s a tip — next time, she should go to a PGA event, where shots aren’t sprayed into the gallery as often.

By the way, former baseball pitcher Rick Rhoden won the tournament for the eighth time.  Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo finished second.

7 responses to “Schaub connects, the wrong way

  1. Wasn’t Tony Romo in the lead?
    Wait…….. that was earlier, before the December of the tournament

  2. All I have to say is “LOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!” maybe he should have yelled “FOOOOOOOOOOOORE”

  3. I guess Schaub is a no good QB also then. Damn all these QBs who dare to do something else in the weeks prior to training camp other than sit in a room and watch film! Where is their dedication to the sport!
    Imagine someone doing something other than work while on vacation. Shocking.

  4. Second place is a win for Romo, right? I didn’t see the tournament, was he done in by slippery balls again?

  5. Imagine if this had been Sage Rosenfels instead, and the woman got a swirling golf club to the the head.

  6. I’ll wager 100 clams that she had no clue whether golfers were hitting shots in her general direction.

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