Sean Payton has the tools to blog

nfl_payton_250.jpgThe last guy standing in for Peter King during his four-week vacation from the MMQB column (but did he grow a mustache in order to take a vacation from himself?) is Saints coach Sean Payton, who wrote the thing from his own vacation.

And it shows.

No offense, Sean.  But it’s a rambling series of blurbs, with only random superficial insights and scattered attempts at semi-humor.

(Uh-oh.  Payton is angling for my job.)

He points out that, each year, the playoffs feature four to six teams that didn’t qualify the prior season.  (Actually, last year the number was seven — with five new teams in the NFC alone.)  And while Payton wisely doesn’t tap the Saints as one of the teams to crash the postseason party in 2009, he thinks the Jets will make it.

Payton also takes a little slap at NFL Network for failing to seal the deal with Jon Gruden, who jumped to ESPN before formalizing his Thursday Night Football contract with the league-owned broadcast outlet, and Payton offers to have defensive ends Will Smith and Charles Grant climb Mt. Rainier in lieu of serving four-game suspensions to start the season.

Bottom line, Sean.  Don’t quit your day job.  Until the day before you sense that you’ll be getting fired from it. 

11 responses to “Sean Payton has the tools to blog

  1. When is the last time a team has won the NFC South 2 years in a row?
    Serious question, too lazy to look up.

  2. Never
    The Buc’s almost did it twice.
    The Panthers have finished in second or first place all but two times.
    Saints never
    Falcons never

  3. Next year I would prefer that King left the article blank. I just read three weeks of nothing.

  4. Florio writes: “Bottom line, Sean. Don’t quit your day job. Until the day before you sense that you’ll be getting fired from it”. Take your bitter angry pill again today Florio? Jealous you were not chosen?
    Having read Florio’s review of the coach’s column I expected something very amateur, however, what did I find when I read the column? I was the victim of another gratuitous Florio Hack job. Will the coach turn professional writer- no, but then again Florio is paid to do what he does, but he is not professional.
    Payton’s column was not ground breaking- just some interesting points from someone in the NFL. In other words, the column has 1 thing Mr. Florio rarely brings and another he will never bring.

  5. I liked Paytons MMQB, I don’t see what the big deal is. Payton seems like a fun guy and he will always be awesome in my book for that onside kick against the Cowboys after halftime when he had a comfortable lead.

  6. Payton is the same guy that took R Bush and that never was Shockey so what does that tell you about the man

  7. I enjoyed Payton’s column … Florio are you jealous that Peter King didn’t ask you to fill in?

  8. Don’t mean to make this a racial thing…but Peter King tends to fall to the left on the political spectrum in his columns…yet, 4 weeks of replacement people for him and he chose all white people.

  9. It wasn’t a great column, but not a bad one either. Some items seemed a little dated and it didn’t have a lot of new information. But for an NFL coach, it wasn’t bad.

  10. Coughlins Happy Pills says:
    July 20, 2009 9:32 AM
    When is the last time a team has won the NFC South 2 years in a row?
    Serious question, too lazy to look up.
    Isn’t the South the most recent division? If so, then who cares? Besides you of course. But I’m sure you live up to you’re username so I’ll answer your question for you….. Shit, I don’t know, I’m too lazy as well.
    Peace Bra

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