Only two first-rounders are signed

We’ve decided to step aside for a moment from the Roethlisberger/Vick/ESPN merry-go-round to focus on, you know, football.

It’s July 22.  Camps open soon.  And only two first-round picks have agreed to terms:  Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford and Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.

We’re not quite sure what’s going on, apart from the fact that many of the agents likely are hesistant to do a deal without a floor or a ceiling, courtesy of a deal someone else has done.

In the top five, negotiations likely are complicated by the fact that the first overall pick (Stafford) and the fifth selection (Sanchez) received quarterback premiums.  So will No. 4 overall pick Aaron Curry, a linebacker, take less from the Seahawks than what Sanchez received a pick lower?

Then there’s Bengals tackle Andre Smith, who simply seems destined for a holdout.

Meanwhile, we’re in the process of compiling division-by-division lists of players who are signed and unsigned.  We completed two of them (AFC East and AFC North) before getting sidetracked by a certain civil lawsuit in Nevada.

7 responses to “Only two first-rounders are signed

  1. Once again Belichick is ahead of the curve.
    Fark the unsignable overpriced first round, give me 4 in the second.

  2. Why is Andre destined for a hold out and not anyone else? You just said only 2 first rounders signed and they were both QB’s. Shouldn’t Mack be destined for a hold out being training camp starts this Friday?

  3. aren’t there some contract changes because this iis the ‘last capped year before an uncapped year’ of some such language in the CBA that is going to make it more difficult to sign 1st rd picks this year?
    I think there are limits to how much signing bonus can be moved to out years of the contract (like only about 50% of signing bonus can be moved past 2009), all bonus (signing, work out, roster, etc – will count as signing bonus regardless of when it is called for to be paid in the contract, ETC.
    maybe you (or one of your minions) could research that angle and do a piece on the changes?

  4. Need to update the patriot signings in the AFC East….George Bussey has also signed a 4 year deal…..Chung, Mckenzie & Jake Ingram are the only usigned Patriots as of today….

  5. Why every thread about first rounders not being signed contain a blurb about Andre Smith being “destined” for a hold out. What about the other 29 picks not signed? I do believe Smith has already stated that he wants to be present for training camp, giving an indication that he isnt looking for a holdout.

  6. “Then there’s Bengals tackle Andre Smith, who simply seems destined for a holdout.”
    I’d argue with you, but your right.

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