Owen Schmitt pleads guilty to lesser charge

Seahawks fullback Owen Schmitt, the last person arrested in the NFL, pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of reckless driving on Wednesday.

Schmitt was arrested on June 25 for suspicion of DUI.  Schmitt has to serve 24 hours of community service, pay $2,130 in fines, and stay on probation for two years. 

This is Schmitt’s first known violation of the league’s substance abuse policy. 

The guilty plea puts him at risk of punishment from the league, but suspensions usually only occur for repeat offenders. 

Coincidentally, the “Days Without an Arrest Meter” tied an all-time record of 32 Wednesday.

It’s not exactly Tom Brady’s 50th touchdown pass, but we are 10 hours away from making history, people.  Be safe.