NFL denying ESPN's report on Vick

NFL_vick2.jpgThe NFL is denying an ESPN report that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has decided to grant conditional reinstatement to suspended quarterback Michael Vick next week, and that the former Atlanta Falcons star will then be suspended for the first four games of the regular season.

According to league spokesman Greg Aiello, that’s not the case. At least not yet in the wake of Goodell’s meeting with Vick on Wednesday afternoon.

Writing on his Twitter account tonight, Aiello wrote, “Despite what ESPN says, commish has made no decisions on MVick.”

Depending on how you interpret Aiello’s response and ESPN’s report, both could be right.

What if Goodell has given indications that he’s leaning toward ruling that way and hasn’t made any concrete commitments?

Or, it could simply be a case of the league being unwilling to acknowledge the pending action until it’s officially processed and announced.

Either way, we thought it was interesting enough to pass along.

By the way, veteran NFL reporter Dave Goldberg of the Associated Press followed up Aiello’s Tweet with one of his own that affirmed Aiello’s take: “I’ve heard same elsewhere.”

15 responses to “NFL denying ESPN's report on Vick

  1. Wouldn’t that just beat all? I hope it turns out they were all wrong on their “exclusive report”. That would be sweet. ESPN would really look extra extra stupid after the Big Ben thing.

  2. I hope Ben raped that chick, and I hope Vick is suspended for the year (which he deserves)….
    Then ESPN will look doubly retarded.

  3. Oh ESPN, always jumping the gun. Yet you get nailed even when you hold off on reporting some news (Big Ben)… Haha. Good times, good times.

  4. I messaged’s Jason La Canfora via Twitter earlier this evening about Vick and got these responses:
    “nfl says vick review is ongoing and no decision has been made on his 09 playing status”
    “According to the NFL, ESPN reports about Mike Vick being suspended for four games are incorrect. League says no decision has been made a and a review into Vick’s status for the 2009 season is ongoing”
    So, who knows?

  5. Whatever happened to Vick’s painting of Dog’s Playing Poker?
    This could potentially stain the relationship between the NFL and ABC\ESPN. Maybe the NFL will choose to no longer do business with these dopes and choose the nearest venue that would kill to have the NFL on their network? This is two major screw-ups by the four letter network in days. Combining the “thoughts” that people have had in regards to their credibility, maybe it is the end of the “Worldwide Leader in Sports”.

  6. Maybe Roger G wants ESPN to report this as he creepily watches and reads all the fan reactions from there and else where…or makes some intern do it…from there he determines the suspension

  7. I bet the NFL is asking the right questions to night, like…
    Who let the news out? *woof woof*

  8. Here’s what might be happening…
    The league is purposefully leaking this 4-week suspension info in attempt to gauge public reaction.

  9. then I say…. GO VICK, yes to him playing. Everyone deserves a second change in life. he did his time, paid his debt and deserves a life of work. NFL is his job and should come back.
    come on people, if this was a relative of yours that got caught, you would want the best for them when they got out and would support them. You know it too!
    I can’t wait to see him play.
    Look at People hurting/killing/raping people that are out and working again, playing sports again (NBA, HOCKEY, MLB, NFL, BOXING). why are you hating them? Do you buy ITunes or CD’s of singers/rappers who have had hand guns and broke the rules? How about rape or beatings? I’m sure you have. Every law that is broken is broken, you can’t chose who to forgive and who not to forgive.

  10. defending vick at all costs and accusing people who see him for what he is, to be hypocrites.
    tomato, go eat tomatoes on raw aluminum.

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