49ers sign Coffee

The San Francisco 49ers have announced that third-round running back Glen Coffee has agreed to terms.

Per the release, it’s a four-year contract.

Coffee rushed for 1,383 yards last season at Alabama, scoring ten touchdowns.

He’s the sixth 49ers draft pick to sign.  The only one left is receiver Michael Crabtree.

11 responses to “49ers sign Coffee

  1. ::yawn::
    my balls are sweating in this AZ humidity. seriously, there’s a good drop working it’s way down the left testicle. It feels good in a weird way.
    (that was more newsworthy than this post. 9’ers suck, will suck, and suck some more again.)

  2. This is good. Looking forward to seeing this guy in action. Actually, I’m looking forward to reading online gossip about how well he’s either completely underperforming or blowing the coaches away, to be more accurate.
    Now follow suit, (Mrs.) Crabtree.

  3. Hey Drycleaner,
    What, I heard is you have no balls, your a failure just like your football team. The 49ers have 5 superbowl wins. How many do the Cardinals? Isnt it true that the Cards made it into the playoffs last your for the first time since they have been in phoenix?

  4. Spoken like a true puse. Not being able to deal with AZ humidity is pathetic. Grow a less sweaty pair.

  5. Uh oh ball sweat must be a serious threat in Arizona, that must be what keeps Matt Lienart glued to the bench. See in cali we use the ice from our superbowl rings to keep us cool.

  6. QuietFool says:
    July 28, 2009 9:12 AM
    Nice. Now our two-running back tandem is official – Frank ‘n Beans!
    funniest thing I have read in weeks. good job

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