Sulak finally gets another shot

Earlier this month, the Oakland Raiders stunned even the most ardent critics of the organization by waiving a draft pick before he even signed a contract.

The fact that Stryker Sulak was unclaimed on waivers indirectly supported the Raiders’ decision to dump him — but didn’t say much for the decision to draft him in the first place.

But now two NFL teams are giving the 199th overall selection in the draft (round six) a look-see.

Per Darin Gantt of the Rock Hill Herald, Sulak worked out today for the Patriots, and he’ll also work out for the Panthers.  Sulak’s agent says that ten teams are interested.

As a reader points out, there are two reasons for the Pats to be interested.  First, Sulak was drafted with a pick that New England had traded to Oakland.  Second, the Pats have had a fairly good experience with the guy taken in the 199th spot some nine years ago.