Cadillac Williams will be ready for camp

NFL_Caddy2.jpgCarnell Williams is recovering from a torn patella tendon for a second straight season, but he’s won’t start another year on the sideline. 

Williams is reportedly expected to be cleared to practice when the Bucs hit the field Saturday.

He still must pass his physical, but Williams’ surprisingly speedy progress has the team confident he’ll be ready to roll.

Whether Williams has a major role with the team, however, is in doubt.

In fact, Cadillac’s readiness for camp could counterintuitively jeopardize his roster spot.

If Williams was placed on the active/physically unable to perform (PUP) list to start camp, he could potentially be transferred to the in-season PUP list.  This is what Williams did last year, enabling him to rehab while not taking up a roster spot to open the season.

Now Williams will be on the roster, and he is probably fourth on the depth chart.   Derrick Ward and Earnest Graham will lead the way, while Clifton Smith has a role on third downs and returns.

Like we wrote earlier this offseason, just making it back on an NFL roster would complete one of the most impressive comebacks in recent memory.

12 responses to “Cadillac Williams will be ready for camp

  1. “In fact, Cadillac’s readiness for camp could counterintuitively jeopardize his roster spot.”
    Gregg, PFT rules clearly state that you have to make a least one “Lord Favre” or Vick reference per article. Also, this posting smacks of an actual assessment of a players situation, hich is generally frowned on unless it is in a legal or finanical context.
    In addition the use of the word “counterintuitively” violates the number of letters PFT allows per word.
    Further violations of PFT rules shall be severly frowned apon.

  2. I enjoyed watching the Raiders crush the Buc’s dreams of making the playoffs last year.
    Seeing Cadillac get hurt however was very sad, especially after he was just coming off a bad injury.

  3. Damn the TB three headed monster (more like rabid Yorkie) at running back… since Mr. Graham is technically a FB i dont know who to mark as the backup for my fantasy rankings.

  4. You guys who say he’s done are TOTALLY wrong. This guy fought back way ahead of schedule from the first knee injury, and looked good when he came back and was only getting better.
    this latest injury wasn’t near as bad and he recovered even further ahead of schedule… Gruden said last year he’s never seen anything like it before. The guy works his ass off and gets healthy. And he proved last year that he wouldn’t let the mental factor get in the way.
    Caddy will be back. He won’t be the starter, but this offense really doesn’t have a starter. Just a slam FULL stable of very productive backs. Caddy has the whole city of Tampa behind him and that crowd is gonna go nuts when he gets his first carry against the Cowboys week 1. Keep fightin Caddy!

  5. I totally agree 4the… and saying caddy is 4th behind even smith is ignorant do your research smith is mainly a return man and you can debate graham,ward,caddy order but smith would be at the end of it… and bradyquinn this backfield can be explosive and along with winslow (thanks) I like the bucs spot more than I would the browns

  6. Caddy will be back and is going to be good, he doesn’t need to be the starter what means he is going to have time between touches to recover, love bucs backfield and it’s three head monster.

  7. Yeah it sucks the raiders kept us out of the playoffs and broke his knee for the second time but hey Raider Fan in the big picture the Bucs are still laughing at you.

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