Eagles, Maclin still far apart

NFL_maclin.jpgSeveral weeks ago, the Eagles got under contract all of their draft picks, with the exception of first-round wideout receiver Jeremy Maclin.

On the surface, it should be easy to get Maclin’s contract worked out.  There’s only a finite slice of rookie pool money remaining for Maclin.  That said, there are other financial terms not governed by the rookie pool structure and the 25 percent rule restricting the growth of the cap number in future seasons.

Still, it shouldn’t be so hard to get a deal done.

In response to a suggestion from agent Jim Steiner that “some progress” has been made, an Eagles source told the Philadelphia Inquirer this:  “I guess if you go from ridiculous to slightly less ridiculous you can call that real progress.”

So, basically, Maclin will be missing some valuable time that otherwise could be devoted to getting him ready to make a significant impact as a rookie.

25 responses to “Eagles, Maclin still far apart

  1. The Eagles aren’t known for their deep pockets but Steiner is doing this kid a diservice. Get ’em signed already.

  2. oh boy, here we go again. Primadonna receiver coming through!
    oh boy, here we go again, Eagles front office playing contract hardball until you prove yourself…

  3. There needs to be a rookie pay-scale so these idiots can’t extort teams for money before they’ve even played a down.

  4. Not good news. I expect a slow season for Maclin. DeSean came to camp on time and it helped him last year. Maclin should take any reasonable offer because after two years he’ll be offered an extension anway

  5. Maclin is a non-factor for the 2009 season. Rookie receivers don’t often make a impact on AR’s team. Just because Jackson did last year, don’t look for lightning to strike twice. McCoy is the only rookie we need to step up this year.

  6. Hopefully he sees that holding out for any length of time will hurt him and the team !
    time for both sides to bend a little and get this thing done, we don’t have time to mess around.

  7. All first round picks who aren’t signed by now are just doing themselves a disservice. You need to get signed and in there if you want a chance to be a starter. At this point Maclin is guaranteeing that he is 3rd at best on the depth chart. And even getting 3rd isn’t a guarantee I think Maclin has to prove that he is a good receiver and not a product of the system used at Missouri.
    I know it’s not fair to quite compare sports but consider that most NHL teams have their first round draft picks and their draft was a little over a month ago. Whereas the NFL draft took place in April but it’s only now that the deal is really getting worked on.

  8. I still don’t understand why agents and F.O’s don’t start working on these deals in May. Would allow time for agents to haggle with the office folks to get their max so that the clients are in camp on time. i don’t see how agents think holding their clients out of training camp is good business. sooner they get in, sooner they can prove their worth and start working on contract #2.

  9. Just give him a pair of loose fitting sweatpants, a gun and late night club to go to. That’ll cure our problems.

  10. The biggest obstacle so far?
    Maclin’s ARROGANCE.
    There IS a team that does that–the Bears.

  11. So it’s agreed, he’d just rather be a Cowboy and that’s why they’re having trouble signing him?

  12. Why would Maclin want a star on his helmet? I mean, unless they’re looking for an infinite supply of blow or something…

  13. On almost any other team I’d say sign already. But this is the Eagles and they don’t do anyone any favors. He should stick it out as long as it takes to get a deal he likes. And yeah unless the signing happens soon you can consider the year to be a lost one, like it usually is for holdouts.

  14. If only he was a part of the Dallas dollar store daft…….he would have been signed sealed and delivered by now……

  15. Why would he want a star on his helmet? To watch Tony Homo find unique ways to piss away a round 1 playoff game?

  16. Why would he want a star on his helmet? To watch Tony Homo find unique ways to piss away a round 1 playoff game?

  17. Does it really matter what he signs for? He’s gonna get the standard Philly 6 year deal anyways. In two years he will be asking for a new deal or will be demanding a trade. You might as well join the long list of disgruntled players now, Jeremy. Better to just get it out of the way.

  18. “Dustin, who doesn’t want that star on his helmet? haha”
    guys who actually wanna win a playoff game in their career, don’t wanna play with a media hyped QB that chokes every december, don’t want to worry about their practice facility collapsing on them, or want to be coached by someone other than a bumbling idiot, or who don’t want to be scapegoated as the bad egg so the media doesn’t have to admit that tony romo sucks.

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