Urlacher, Cutler deny any rift

A day after Vikings receiver Bobby Wade said that Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher called Bears quarterback Jay Cutler a “pussy” (which apparently is regarded by the media at large as being on par with certain four letter words starting with “f” or “c” . . . unless the media at large is simply a bunch a pussies), Urlacher and Cutler talked about their relationship.

There’s nothing between us,” Cutler as he reported for training camp on Thursday, according to the Associated Press.  “I just want to put that to rest.  There never has been
anything between us.”

Said Urlacher:  “I never said what I was quoted as saying and that’s it.  I have a lot of respect for Jay.  I think Jay knows that.”

So why would Wade make it all up?  “I don’t know,” Urlacher said.  “Maybe he’s jealous because we have a good quarterback now.”

Urlacher also made light of the situation in describing his first conversation with Cutler after the allegation surfaced.

“He called me and I said, ‘What’s up pussy, what are you doing?'” Urlacher said.

All that said, we think Urlacher would be — and should be — a lot more pissed off at Wade if Wade is flat-out making it all up.

Then again, maybe Urlacher is.  And maybe he’s saving it for the first game between the two teams during the 2009 season.

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  1. Urlacher is a fantastic player, but he’s basically a moron. I have no doubt that he said this.
    That being said, Urlacher should be livid that his supposed “friend” Wade would make private comments public. It shows a lack of loyalty to a friend on Wade’s part – even if Urlacher’s assessment was obviously correct.

  2. It’s like high school all over again. Cutler is a pussy, along with everyone else that demands a trade and whines about their team or situation. Anyone who plays football and has their feelings hurt because your team wants to sign someone who may be better is a pussy and should be labeled one. Get over yourself and prove that you can lead your team to wins.

  3. (sorry to the admins if this shows up 99 times. I kept getting “comment error”)
    According to Brad Biggs, the “whats up pussy?” came from Cutler.
    From Biggs twitter: Urlacher: “(cutler) called me and said what’s up, (wimp).”

  4. So, Wade will be on injured reserve by halftime? Urlacher isn’t as fast as he used to be, but I think anyone could probably lay out the 5’9 190 Wade.
    Good job Bobby.

  5. Who cares about Cutler? He shown me he’s a spoiled little girl. I’ve seen several stories already about him blowing off Cubs fans etc…
    I think Urlacher isn’t going to put up with his whining! You go Brian!
    Maybe insulin and lite beer doesn’t mix?

  6. the Bears MO is always deny deny deny
    remember the figth at the FBI shooting range
    no one will care if Cutler is a pussy if he throws for 5000 yds and 50 tds
    no one will care if Urlacher can’t stay away from pussy if he gets sacks and picks
    the o-line and the d-line are the real problem on this team

  7. You read my mind in the first paragraph. When I first read about this I assumed it was the “c” word. Since when is “pussy” a word that you dump over the air at a radio station? I know its better to be safe than sorry but IMO talk about an over reaction.

  8. The phone call from Brian to Jay:
    Brian: Hey Jay, I actually said the word SNATCH, as in “We were able to snatch a great player in Cutler”.

  9. To Urlacher, ALL QBs are pus$ies.
    And until Jay actually puts on the Bears uniform and wins a game with his guts, he will be a pus$y (albeit a talented, promising one).
    Bobby Wade will be lucky if he can keep a job as a waterboy in the NFL next year.
    He wasn’t even a good enough WR for the BEARS to keep–and that says something!
    For the sour, jealous Vikes fans…I’ve heard of penis envy, but pus$y envy…?!?
    HA!–you WISH you had a pus$y like ours.

  10. So why would Wade make it all up? “I don’t know,” Urlacher said. “Maybe he’s jealous because we have a good quarterback now.”
    NOW? While I totally agree with this, I guess it shows the the manure these players must shovel when they utter conventional statements about confidence in their current QB’s.
    “We have confidence in Orton, Grossman, whomever’s on board, and are looking forward to blah, blah, blah… with our present team. CRAP!

  11. Woody Paige, though I don’t agree with him a whole lot, pretty much confirmed on PTI yesterday from his observations in Denver that Cutler is an antisocial jerk and a wimp. He was kicked out of his country club, etc. and as Woody says, he isn’t someone you would want to share a meal with. He went on to say that won’t matter since he expects him to produce, so it isn’t like he was just hating on Cutler.

  12. anyone and i repeat anyone who pays any attention to woody paige is brain dead,just pull the plug.

  13. Because only a real pus$y would be an ALL-Pro, All-decade, Defensive Player of the Year, perennial 100+ tackles player who gets neck surgery and comes back to play MLB in the NFL within weeks.
    Agreed: anyone who takes anything Woody Paige says as gospel truth should maybe adjust their helmet and then get in line for their Special Olympics ribbon NOW.

  14. If Cutler is not paying attention to those “pussy” Cub fans then I have a good reason to respect him.
    Cub fans are almost as obnoxious as those retarded Red Sox fans.
    Nice move Jay!

  15. Dewey Axewound says:
    July 31, 2009 12:17 PM
    “For the sour, jealous Vikes fans…I’ve heard of penis envy, but pus$y envy…?!?
    HA!–you WISH you had a pus$y like ours.”
    Them I’m sure you heard that the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice.

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