Jarvis Moss is contemplating retirement

Broncos linebacker Jarvis Moss apparently has been spending some time with Brett Favre.

Because Moss is contemplating retirement.

The difference, however, is that Moss is only 24 years old.

According to FOX 31 in Denver, Moss has advised the team that he might call it quits

FOX 31 also reports that Moss wasn’t at practice on Saturday, and that G.M. Brian Xanders declined to comment on the situation.

Moss participated in two Friday practices, and he expressed optimism about the future.

“It’s a brand new start for me,” Moss said.  “I’m going to continue to work hard, pray, and everything will take care of itself.”

Moss reportedly is struggling to adapt to his role in the team’s new 3-4 defense, which resulted in a shift from defensive end to outside linebacker.

Alex Marvex of FOX reported in April that the Broncos were shopping Moss for a seventh-round draft pick.  He thereafter was buried on the depth chart during offseason workouts.

Our first thought regarding the situation was that, if Moss retires, he might owe back a chunk of the five-year, $15 million contract he signed as the 17th overall pick in the 2007 draft.  But it’s entirely possible that he didn’t receive a signing bonus as part of his rookie deal, which would insulate him from having to refund any of the money he has received.

10 responses to “Jarvis Moss is contemplating retirement

  1. Moss in Denver, Gholston with the Jets and more players expected to be great on other teams, all not playing up to expectations as they have trouble adjusting to being 3-4 OLBs rather than 4-3 DEs. How many of these might be able to improve with a move to DE on a 4-3 team?

  2. Players use the word retire way too often.
    Moss hasnt even “worked” 4 years and he is thinking of “retiring”? Gimme a break, you must play/”work” at least 10 years before you should use the term “retire”. Moss is simply QUITTING.

  3. bobinpuertorico,
    You are mistaken. Denver has ran a 4-3 ever since Moss was drafted. This is the first year Denver has switched to a 3-4.
    Who cares? It’s his life, don’t be a dick. Moss could still beat the living daylight out of you.

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