No tweeting in Green Bay

As the NFL continues to gets its arms around the new technology that more and more players are embracing, the Packers plan to lay down the law — and raid the wallets — of anyone on the team who uses it during an official function.

According to the Pete Dougherty of the Green Bay Press-Gazette, any Packer who uses Twitter while on the clock will be fined the maximum amount of $1,701.

So running back Ryan Grant made it clear on his own Twitter page that he won’t be posting updates while at work.  “Expect tweets in the morning before we go to work, possibly around
lunch time and at night once we done,” Grant said.  “I don’t want that heavy fine.”

The fact that the Twitter page includes reference to the time that each update is posted, it’ll be easy for teams to prove that a tweet was added at a time when Twitter was forbidden.

Still, we figure that plenty of guys will bend the rules, and then some.

21 responses to “No tweeting in Green Bay

  1. Here we go again, the NFL is missing a great chance to interact with the fans. They need a broad technology policy to encourage use of Twitter, Facebook and My Space. Can you imagine the oppertunities to “Cash in” with an agreement?

  2. I agree with this rule. When anyone is at work, work should be whats on their mind, not twitter. Good job Green Bay.

  3. What was the thought process here?
    “Hey Jim, let set the maximum fine at $1500.”
    “No that’s not enough.”
    “Okay, how about $1700.”
    “No, a little more”
    “Fine, how about $1701?”
    “That’s perfect.”

  4. I know it’ll come as a shock to you, but internet does exist in Green Bay. We even have indoor plumbing in Green Bay!

  5. Mangini expects his players to communicate using SKYPE. Back to Green Bay…. do they still use rotary dial phones?

  6. “jaims2009 says:
    August 1, 2009 11:31 PM
    I know it’ll come as a shock to you, but internet does exist in Green Bay. We even have indoor plumbing in Green Bay!
    Really? How many floorboards did you have to take up to dig the hole?

  7. TFBuckFutter – Really? How many floorboards did you have to take up to dig the hole?
    Not enough to fit your stupid, fat ass into… If you know what I mean…

  8. Man. This is what gets me to comment. It’s a sad state of affairs. I’ve been an avid PFT fan for 3-4 years but I’ve never had to make a comment. I left the reporting for the (semi) professionals.
    Call me old fashioned, but I grew up in a place where you got paid to work, you worked a whole shift, you maybe took 1 break in an 8 hour day. YOU DIDN’T TOUCH A PHONE UNLESS THE HOSPITAL CALLED TO SAY “MOMMA’S DEAD”!!!! I don’t know how important you are, but I know the world can live without me for 8 hours a day, maybe 12.
    The last thing I want to hear is that Big Pat Williams is not putting 100% into a play because he’s got a cellphone in his jockstrap. Preposterous.
    *Full disclosure. I’m from Minnesota. We know how to work. And let me tell you how happy I am that Farte Bettvre can’t find his balls.

  9. yea guys que the Green Bay is so small it doesn’t have the…. fill in the blank for whatever amenty you think they might lack… but way to go for an oganization that has shown class since the begining and will continue to do so.
    kudos Green Bay
    twitter is a nonsensiccal, lackadaisical aproach to any meaningful form of communication
    and to any of you who think that Green Bay lacks any modern amenities other than night life.. it is you who lacks in creativity to criticize… and maybe a real football team to root for!

  10. That’s because Thom Tedson (Mr. 31-33) is an egomaniacal, alternative lifestyle, fascist..
    He’s single handedly bringing Green Bay back to to frozen outpost and wasteland it was considered to be by the NFL in the 70s and 80s that nobody cared about until a guy named Brett Favre came around.
    Wills, you are an outdated moron and the world has passed you by. Nobody cares.
    I hope Favre does sign with the Vikings and whips your sorry asses 2x this year! You deserve it. I’ve learned that Green B ay fans are the worst type of fan in the NFL….

  11. “GBPackers says:
    August 2, 2009 3:33 AM
    GBPackers says:
    August 2, 2009 3:33 AM
    TFBuckFutter is most likely a queen fan, therefore cant be taken seriously”
    LOL – You nailed it. TFBuckFutter can use that money he was saving for a purple #4 jersey and use it to get an education!

  12. I see most of the insults are coming from Biqueen fans, no doubt jealous of the three shiny Lombardi trophies compared to their zero.
    But take heart, I was watching a NFL Network program on the 10 most snakebitten franchises and the Biqueens, currently ranked at #2 can move up one spot, all it would take is another Superbowl appearance and loss to do so.

  13. Speaking as someone who manages a group of workers, I thoroughly agree with GB’s decision to ban Twitter during “working” hours. It’s a chore keeping workers (especially the younger ones) off cell phones during working hours; seems that the work ethic has deteriorated with this new generation. Breaks and lunches are allowed for cell calls and texting.; otherwise remember that you are getting paid to do a job.

  14. No player with half a brain should be dicking around on Twitter during work hours, and the Pack has every right to expect that. Of course, the Vikes dumbass TE twittered “zzzzzzzz” during a meeting were Viking administrators were being introduced, and even though it’s entertaining, deservedly got into hot water with Klink. Now if he twittered “zzzzzzz” when the cheesers were babbling on and on about polishing age-tarnished Lombardi trophies, perhaps we could give him a break.

  15. HAHA of course there isn’t, they dont want their fan base to know exactly how bad they suck. Good luck being second to worst with the Lions.. HAHA! Losers

  16. Philtration says:
    August 2, 2009 6:59 PM
    You can get rid of those pussy bike rides while they are at it.
    They see us rollin’. They hatin’.

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