Beanie Wells dodges major injury

It appears Chris “Beanie” Wells has survived his ride on a cart relatively unscathed.  (Bryant Johnson should be so lucky.)

Wells scared the Cardinals faithful Saturday when he was carted away from his first day of practice after suffering an ankle injury.

Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports reports that it’s only a sprain and won’t keep Wells out for long.  He could even practice Sunday.

The minor nature of the injury is a relief, but Wells still has to prove he can withstand the rigors of playing in the NFL. 

Wells had a long history of injuries at Ohio State and the Cardinals are not deep at running back.

8 responses to “Beanie Wells dodges major injury

  1. Calling in a cart for a sprain that’s so minor he could be back on the field today? Maybe it’s not a history of injuries but instead a very low threshold for pain.

  2. The guy hurt his ankle last hear playing the hard hitting team from youngstown. He couldn’t get through a year with the buckeyes without getting hurt and now hes playing with the big boys. I give him this he is an incredible talent but the Cards better have one heck of a back up becuase they’ll need one.

  3. Hope Tim Hightower is ready to start over half the games for the Cards, cause Wells ain’t gonna cut it.

  4. Wells only missed 3 college games in his career. Someone rolled on to his ankle how is that being injury prone?

  5. Beanie attracts these injuries
    He will be known as a bust becuase of injury on top of injury throughout his career.

  6. Hey Werls before you make a cooment know you facts. He did not hurt his ankle last year. He was trying to make a cut and got turf toe can happen to anyone. I agree three games in a 3 year career does not make a guy injury prone.

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