PFT rewind . . . weekend of August 1

Since it was another summer weekend and since many of you opted not to spend any of your own time surfing the Internet for NFL news and rumors and other stuff and since many of you are now surfing the Internet while on the clock, here’s a quick summary of the biggest stuff you missed over the past two days.

Cards reeled in Beanie Wells . . . who promptly took a ride on a cart.

Lions receiver Bryant Johnson wishes he hadn’t taken a ride on a cart.

B.J. Raji is eating his words (and lots of sausage), but at least he can still tweet about it.

Brandon Marshall is hurt, again.

Falcons wideout Roddy White might not be showing up any time soon.

Larry Johnson apparently had an offseason stickectomy performed on his rear end.

The big guy in the middle of the Jets’ defense has a calf injury.

Millions of Comcast customers can now enjoy NFL Network.  (Time Warner customers can continue to — what’s the phrase? — oh, yeah . . . “suck it.”)

Jarvis Moss’ five-year waiting period for HOF consideration could be starting soon.

Derrick Mason’s won’t be.

We now know why Steelers linebacker James Harrison didn’t join the Super Bowl champs at the White House — he apparently was getting a law degree.

Niners coach Mike Singletary thinks it’s good to be bad.

Braylon Edwards has yet to drop a single pass in training camp.

Pats owner Bob Kraft says Mike Vick won’t be coming to New England.

The Vikings wanted T.J. Houshmandzadeh . . . instead they have Bernard Douchemandzadeh.