NFC East training camp one-liners

T Marc Colombo came up swinging after NT Jay Ratliff drilled him during an interception return in the first fight of Cowboys camp.

WR Isaiah Stanback missed another practice with a sore hamstring, an injury that isn’t helping his chances of making the Cowboys roster.

WR Sam Hurd downplays his competition with WR Miles Austin, but it’s becoming clear that one of them will be the Cowboys’ third receiver.

Neither of the contenders for the Cowboys’ right cornerback spot, Mike Jenkins and Orlando Scandrick, is lacking for confidence.

Giants defenders have intercepted 11 passes over the first two days of practice.

Two of those picks on Tuesday were by S Vince Anderson, a rookie from Webber International who the Giants are moving from cornerback.

The Giants had DE Justin Tuck sit out the morning practice to try and prevent any injury to his foot.

Giants K Lawrence Tynes didn’t show any lingering effects from last year’s injury while knocking down eight-of-eight field goal attempts.

With back problems keeping Shawn Andrews on the sideline, Winston Justice has been the first-team Eagles right tackle.

LB Matt Wilhelm has to learn the 4-3 defense, but he’s bigger and more experienced than any of the Eagles’ in-house options to replace LB Stewart Bradley.

Is DE Jason Babin a camp body or are the Eagles concerned about the health of other members of their defensive line rotation?

Donovan McNabb and the other over-30 Eagles are getting Wednesday morning’s practice off.

The Redskins’ offensive linemen are struggling physically in the early days of camp.

Redskins QB Colt Brennan threw an impressive touchdown off of play-action. 

Brennan’s improvement has caught the eye of Redskins coach Jim Zorn.

Redskins FB Mike Sellars is bucking for a raise.   

17 responses to “NFC East training camp one-liners

  1. “Giants defenders have intercepted 11 passes over the first two days of practice. ”
    Yeah but they have the advantage of practicing against shEli and his career 76.1 passer rating. Which is just barely above Quincy Carter’s career passer rating of 71.7, by the way.

  2. • Winston Justice.. I can’t believe he is still on the team.
    • Giants D with 11 INTs: – This should cause a QB change.

  3. @vox – What’s Romos passer rating in the playoffs again? and how many games has he won? Oh, thats right he decided to go to mexico with Nick Lachey’s sloppy seconds and then got picked off by that same secondary you are mocking to lose the game.

  4. Super Bowls- Eli 1 Quincy + Romo 0
    Super Bowl MVP Eli 1 Quincy + Romo 0
    Do I have to go on? Does anything else really matter?

  5. Eli was like the 10th most important player on that Giants team, and was probably the 5th most deserving player of the SB MVP award that day. The guy is average, face it. He is Trent Dilfer without the big name and 1st overall expectations.
    The Eagles should cut Shawn Andrews. The guy just doesn’t want to play football. There was a chance he would be back from him injury the end of the last year, he didn’t make it. Here we are 8 months later and he still isn’t ready. Holdouts, injuries, depression… something new every year.
    Winston Justice stinks, but at least he gives an effort.

  6. “@vox – What’s Romos passer rating in the playoffs again?”
    75.8. shEli’s is 77.5. shEli = #1 overall pick, Romo = undrafted. Got any more dumb questions?

  7. Assuming I did it correctly, Romo’s passer rating in his two playoff games is 77.1, which is still higher than Eli’s career rating of 76.1 (if Vox’s number is correct).
    And by ChiJintsFan’s logic, Trent Dilfer would be a preferable QB to Dan Marino, no? Or, for Super Bowl MVP, Phil Simms is preferable to Marino. I’m not comparing Romo to Marino, just pointing out where that logic takes us.

  8. Well, I would say that considering there is a reasonable comparison between Eli and Romo (not between Dilfer and Marino or Simms and Marino), at the end of the day, being a Super Bowl winner and Super Bowl MVP, rather than what Romo has been, is a major differentiator.
    I was assuming a certain level of common sense…perhaps when dealing with Dallas fans, I am overestimating their cognitive abilities.

  9. Don’t know who this Mike Sellars is, but if he beats out Mike Sellers then he deserves the raise.

  10. Perhaps you should articulate yourself better then, ChiJintsFan. I don’t think the individual statistics bear out a “reasonable comparison” between Romo (63.6% comp., 10,562 yds, 81 TDs, 46 INTs, 94.7 passer rating) and E. Manning (55.9% comp., 14,623 yds, 98 TDs, 74 INTs, 76.1 passer rating), but you seem to have accepted that as a fact.
    E. Manning played on a team that won the Super Bowl, Romo hasn’t so far. And let’s be honest, he won the SB MVP by default. I thought there should have been a co-MVP among the Giants’ defensive line, myself. They won that game.
    And perhaps I’m expecting too much of the people that read this site to expect an intelligent discussion without people resorting to ad hominem attacks.

  11. Romo and Eli both suck. JC will lead us back to the playoffs this year! Have fun finishing 4th Dallas!

  12. Sellers should get a raise….he’s underpaid as FBs go. Let’s keep him angry though….I still don’t think we’ve seen his best year. Hail!!

  13. Krinkle – Dilfer was top 10 player picked in 1994. he had super high expectations, too and won a superbowl by default, same as Eli. Remember, if Asante keeps his eye on the ball and not the endzone, that velcro catch never happens.

  14. i think Manning is good, but just not better than Romo or McNabb as for Campbell, he sucks and should be benched because Colt Brennen is said to be impressing, again!

  15. Both Romo and Manning are both in for a reality check in 09. As much as I hate to admit it, T.HO made Romo and by the diva leaving he takes all scapegoat opportunities with him. Witten won’t look as good without T.HO drawing all the attention away from him. Oh and please don’t give me Roy “I was good a couple of years ago briefly” Williams either.
    The same goes for Manning with Burress. Even if one of the rookie WRs emerges, they still won’t be Burress nor command the attention he did.

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