Bucs coach says Winslow is "too up and down emotionally"

Buyer beware.

The Buccaneers had two opportunities to heed this advice as to tight end Kellen Winslow.

They could have done so when trading a second-round pick to the Browns for Winslow on the first day of the 2009 league year.

And they could have done so when signing Winslow to a big-money contract with more than $20 million in guaranteed base salaries.

Now, months after the fact, coach Raheem Morris is figuring out that Winslow is, as Morris reportedly put it on Thursday, “too up and down emotionally.”

The comments come courtesy of our friends at Pewter Report; per the report, Morris has spoken to Winslow about the situation.

Based on Winslow’s college and pro career, should Morris have been surprised by this?

What’s surprising to us is that the rookie head coach has opted to call Winslow out in the media for being “too up and down emotionally.”  It suggests that Morris’ efforts to get Winslow to change by keeping the matter private haven’t been successful, and that Morris hopes taking the situation public will get through to him.

But maybe Morris should have talked to former Browns G.M. Phil Savage before pulling the pin on that specific grenade.

23 responses to “Bucs coach says Winslow is "too up and down emotionally"

  1. Wow, no shit??
    What a shocker.
    Why do you think the Browns, who are in desperate need of a playmaker, got rid of him in the first place.

  2. I think Raheem likes to hear himself talk. He needs to 1) quit airing out team laundry in the media, and 2) stop beating the crap out of his players in camp. The Junction Boys mentality needs to stop at the professional level.

  3. perhaps with the story about crabtree and this one the “mangini’s an idiot” crowd will quiet down a small bit

  4. In his defense Winslow stated “I’m ‘a come right back at ’em. I’m a f****** soldier!”

  5. Raheem Morris is not ready to be a head coach in the NFL, and Winslow has never been stable enough to be in the NFL.
    A perfect match.

  6. Your last sentence is interesting.
    How do you know he didn’t?
    Guessing isn’t very responsible now is it?

  7. Thats not the whole quote Florio. U made it sound worse than it was intended. However, I can see the kid as a basket case.

  8. This guy was a turd in college a turd at the browns. He’ll be a turd for the Bucs. Plain & Simple!

  9. Maybe he’s suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, it’s common among soldiers. On the other hand, having your nutsack swell up so big that you need a wheelbarrow to tote it around would be traumatizing too.

  10. “Based on Winslow’s college and pro career, should Morris have been surprised by this?”
    actually, you can go back further than that, Florio.
    K2 was a pain in the ass in high school @ Scripps Ranch High and his Dad was a royal pain in the ass and a huge whinner.
    the apple didnt fall far from the tree with K2

  11. Inexperienced young rookie head coach hubris will haunt this boyo for the season. And go ahead, start Freeman, then we’ll see both of you someplace else next year. Think UFL.

  12. Florio,
    Quit trying to flip this as a negative story. If we are reading the same story, you left out some huge details. Come on man give us the facts. I know this is a rumor mill but report on the correct information if you have the correct information. I read your so-called story and was outraged by the fact that Raheem would call out one of his own players in the media regardless of who it is. That was until I read the true story here…

  13. Isn’t that what they used to say about Rickie Williams? By “too up and down” do they mean batshit crazy? OK, I thought so.

  14. Florio writes “What’s surprising to us is that the rookie head coach…”
    Review the press conferences and interviews of any coach in the league and you will see them say good things and bad things about rookies and all-pros.
    How indignet was Florio when ROOKIE HEAD COACH Todd Haley stated about the Chiefs: “We were out of shape and not really strong,..”? Florio also noted “Haley’s blunt, kick-in-the-butt approach might be just what the Chiefs need…”
    This is Florio or “Us” or “We” as he refers to himself, making something out of nothing. Average journalist, but better than anybody stirring up things.

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