LaMont Jordan gets sued for gambling debts

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

And then when you get sued, it’ll be in Vegas.

Broncos running back LaMont Jordan is in the process of learning that Sin City’s marketing slogan carries, in very small print, that important post script.  Per the Las Vegas Sun, Jordan has been sued for welshing on his gambling debts.

Jordan allegedly signed “check-like negotiable gaming debt instruments” worth a total of $20,000 in June 2008, and he allegedly hasn’t paid the money back.

It probably would be wise for Jordan to pay the money.  As Pacman Jones learned last year, it eventually can morph from a civil claim into a criminal matter.

At which point it would be reported by ESPN.

16 responses to “LaMont Jordan gets sued for gambling debts

  1. Seriously, I can understand criticizing ESPN for their decision not to report on the Roethlisberger incident, but it’s losing its edge when you repeat it over and over.

  2. Mike Tyson: By the way man, where you get that cop car from?
    Lamont Jordan: We uh, stole it from these dumbass cops.
    Mike Tyson: *Nice*!

  3. actually they shouldnt let guys like this in the casino. ruins it for the rest of us who actually WIN.

  4. Kevin from Philly, that was incredibly lame, no suprise there though, you are from Philly.

  5. Andy Reid dosn’t Gamble, except when it comes to his diet of Boost and Creamed Chip beef for Breakfast everyday.

  6. Just when I thought my Broncos were starting to move past an offseason of distractions…
    At least if something goes wrong, they have a legion of equally-craptastic backs to replace him with.

  7. There are other ways to pay off that debt. Every fumble has its price.
    If he doesnt fumble when he is told, they come out publicly with these stories.
    This guy should be suspended for this season at least.
    Just ask Ronnie Harmon how it works.

  8. He was a fixture at the Wynn poker room for about a year or more.
    I guess he needs to read a poker book.

  9. Maybe he went with the crowd and took the under on 10 wins for the Pats last year after Brady went to IR and doesn’t want to admit it.

  10. Ha ha ha, he should have stayed in New York riding pine behind Curtis Martin. A pouter, on the field quitter and inconsistent RB w/ Oakland way to go Denver.

  11. He was so close to having a big season for the Raiders a few years back…. And then he got hurt because he doesn’t keep himself in shape in the offseason.

  12. Lame? It’s quote from the funniest movie in years “The Hangover”. Get out of the basement once in a while and enjoy life, loser.

  13. What, you mean not everything the Pats touch turns to gold?
    Lamont, you big dummy!

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