Seahawks get Curry under contract

The Seattle Seahawks have announced via their Twitter page they have signed linebacker Aaron Curry, the fourth overall pick in April’s draft.

Mr. Florio, reporting live from a chat room at the Hall of Fame ceremonies, says the deal is for six years and $60 million, with $34 million guaranteed, according to a league source.

Curry’s deal comes two days after third overall pick Tyson Jackson signed with the Chiefs.  Jackson’s deal was reported to have $31 million guaranteed. 

The move is official, so Curry should be on the field for Seattle’s Sunday practice.  He is expected to be one of the most “pro-ready” rookies and is expected to be Seattle’s starting strong-side linebacker from Week One. 

The team released Billy McMullen to make room on the roster.

12 responses to “Seahawks get Curry under contract

  1. Gautam, it might seem like Curry is more costly than Tyson Jackson, but you’re leaving out 1 crucial detail. Curry signed a 6 YEAR deal meaning the cap hit will be spread out over 6 years. Jackson and pretty much every other top 5 pick signed a 5 YEAR deal.
    If Curry turns out to be the player everyone expects him to be, that extra year will actually save money.

  2. Dear Greggg,
    Have you further considered my generous offer for gainful employment? The clock is ticking.
    Eddie The Drycleaner

  3. Are these rookie salaries EVER going to have a ceiling? The 4th overall pick is now getting what the 1st overall pick got 3 years ago.
    On top of that, these guys are complaining 4 years in saying that they should be paid more.

  4. That is some insane money. They need to cap rookie salaries ASAP. I do hope he earns it though!

  5. philwauke said it well. Curry banks $34M and technically never has to earn it, while McMullen wonders if he’s smart enough to sell insurance.

  6. $10 million of that was for having to wear that dreadful lime-green hat when the Seahawks picked him.

  7. You gota’ pay the play’as! Curry is going to be a stud! Best pick in the draft, but the Hawks would have been wiser picking O line, just say’in….

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