Pats on Holliday?

As it turns out, the “cheesiest headline” contest has not been confined to the signing of draft picks. 

We’ve officially expanded it to include veterans, too.

Per Alex Marvez of, veteran defensive end Vonnie Holliday will be visiting the New England Patriots on Monday. reported last week that the Pats are poking around veteran defensive end Kevin Carter, too.

The idea would be to use Holliday and/or Carter to provide depth to the team’s rotation.

If the Pats ink Holliday, they will have on their roster three first-round picks from the 1998 draft:  Holliday (No. 19), running back Fred Taylor (No. 9), and receiver Randy Moss (No. 21).

The Patriots had two first-rounders of their own that year — running back Robert Edwards and safety Tebucky Jones, who has now been mentioned in this space more times in the past day than he had been in the prior three years combined.

22 responses to “Pats on Holliday?

  1. Tebucky Jones is a bonifide member of the All Name team. About time he gets a little recognition.

  2. I wish gameday would chug a bottle of Drain-o and not induce vomiting.
    Belicheat is pretty creative AND very classy. Kill yourself.

  3. stay classy pats fansblackglass)
    belicheat hasnt found a new way to cheat. So now he is going to sign every washed up has been .
    LMAO,,,, I know its the moral thing to do to stand up for the one you sleep with, but blackglass, you have taken homosexuality to a whole new level.
    One bump, two bump, three bump more…….. Thats the sound of Belicheat pounding Blackglass’ backdoor.

  4. “Belicheat is pretty creative AND very classy. Kill yourself.”
    LOL…….Oxymoron in greek means sharply dull…….Get it?

  5. The Pats desperate ? They’re only one of the best teams in the league. Gameday your a joke !

  6. @ picspatriots —
    Hey! Leave gameday alone. Don’t you know posting juvenile rantings here is his only joy in life? I mean, other than spanking the monkey in front of his mirror.
    BTW (ahem) I believe I was the guy who started talking about Holliday to the Pats about a day after Miami cut him in March (and was, of course, completely ignored – sniffsniff). Since the Burgess acquisition, probably only a 50/50 chance they sign him now. Maybe him and/or Carter in camp, if only to learn the system. Maybe neither makes the final cut. If not, I’m pretty sure both will be on Belichick’s “speed-dial squad” in case the injury bug strikes again. Along with Junior.

  7. I hear you MaineMan, but this idiot is probably a pissed off Lions fan who’s jealous that his team sucks dick ! His posts are as lame as the team he probably roots for. I didnt here him reference their 2007 team that played after all that stupid shit. He’s probably some 16 yr old pimped punk who wishes he had a girlfriend. Or picks Brady with his first fantasy pick, that’s if he has the balls to play.

  8. I think these comments have gotten less useful (I know, we all thought it was impossible…) since you did the deal with NBC. These terrible headlines are almost refreshing.

  9. Belicheat is really reaching for miracles to be signing all these Geritol spokesmen. Has the genius lost his mind?……………………………………….(or just video equipment)??
    He should offer the Chiefs a first round pick (if Goodell doesnt make the Pats forfeit it next year) for Bernard Pollard. At least he can put a hit on someone without using the benefits of HGH, or a wheelchair.

  10. Willie Andrews (dopehead)
    Ted Johnson (wife beater)
    Nick Kaczur (dopehead & snitch)
    Kevin Faulk (dopehead)
    Rodney Harrison (dirty player & HGH abuser)
    Bill Belicheat (cheats on the field & and on his wife)
    Classy organization!!!!
    Oh lets not forget……..
    Tanya Seymour, (thug & and lyncher) wife of Dickhead Seymour.
    What a nice organization to be a fan of.

  11. gameday . . .
    You are such a moron, I really hope you aren’t a fellow Chiefs fan.
    How embarrassing.

  12. BBQ;
    Whether I am a Chiefs fan, Bears fan, Falcons fan, etc. It really doesnt matter.
    Take your opinion and shove it, along with your tongue, up the Pansies rearend.
    Stay out of my comments, and I will stay out of your trailerpark.
    Chiefs fan? Now THAT is embarassing. TURD

  13. Can we get some good commentary on this damn site?…all I ever read is fans bashing fans for the teams they support, and nothing worth really reading.
    If you guys want to discuss Holiday, I’m in. If you are all going to sit there and bash, cry and sling homo jokes, then I’ll go to ESPN or SI for some shitty news. At least they keep the comments somewhat readable.

  14. @ Provance1 —
    Ya gotta remember that fan is short for “fanatic”, a close cousin of “lunatic”. Besides being the first to break every paper-thin speculation, PFT gained popularity precisely because of its free-for-all policy of allowing the most “provocative” and juvenile comments. That’s not likely to change much with the recent association with NBC since provocative and juvenile are far more highly-prized qualities in the corporate “news” world than rational, respectful and well-researched.
    I’ve not yet come across a general NFL forum that really weeds out the ignorant and juvenile like gameday. As George Segal said in The Duchess and the Dirtwater Fox, “A**holes! Everywhere ya go – a**holes!”

  15. gameday says:
    August 10, 2009 3:36 PM
    belicheat is desperate.
    Desparate to get revenge on the rest of the league for everything that’s happened the last two years, yes. And that means a Super Bowl title this year.
    Let the March to Miami begin.

  16. Not sure if Holliday has any use now that they’ve signed Burgess, but if he can come in for a look see he would be some sort of an asset due to an injury.
    Every team, every year has a key member or two go out for a bit, so we’ll see.
    I am thinking BB will employ the 4-3 a bit more this year due to personnel and depth, not to mention more and more offenses are game planning for the 3-4 since many more teams are switching to this.
    My personal favorite of BB’s formations is the Moo Cow, just watching the front seven standing and moving around…
    MaineMan, the toungue and cheek commentary is really what PFT is about, but turds like gameday just don’t get it. They take this way too personally. And it’s sort of sad to be honest.

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