L.T. wants to play in the preseason

So as Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson prepares for his first football season on the wrong side of 30, how does he plan to ensure that he’ll be healthy enough to take reps in January?

By taking more of them in August.

Per the Associated Press, Tomlinson wants to play in preseason games.  He hasn’t done so since 2005.

I want to play,” Tomlinson said Monday.  “We’ll see where that takes us. 
It’s one thing for me to want to play and then it’s another thing, the
coaches make the decision.  We’ll see where we end up.”

We applaud the guy for being anxious, but it’s more important for him to be smart.  And we hope that his ego won’t push him to try to prove that he still can continue to bring it like he did when he had more tread showing on the tires and fewer days spent on earth. 

Otherwise, he’ll be sitting on the sidelines — again — if the Chargers make it to the postseason.

20 responses to “L.T. wants to play in the preseason

  1. It makes sense for him to play some. As for LT being soft, it must make it easy for you to pass judgment from your cold damp mommy’s basement.

  2. L.T. needs some pre-season time to get his timing down with the O-line. That way, he can start the season fast instead of slowly gaining momentum as the season progresses. Him sitting out the past few pre-seasons have resulted in sub par performances in early games. L.T. understands that now he is healthy for camp, he needs to get in synch with his lineman during game-like conditions and the only way to do that is during pre-season games.

  3. LT is a rare back. He has 1 slightly down yr and everyone wants to put him out to pasture. He could be a threat to lead the league in rushing for the next 3 years if he gets the carries.
    He has earned the opportunity with the organization to still be the man, he even took a pay cut to stay. Give him the rock and let him have his legit shot at makin the top 2 or 3 in career totals.
    Look at it this way Thomas Jones, Larry Johnson and Brian Westbrook are the same age or older, starting… and would have their lunch eaten daily by LT. Besides sproles is only 5’6″ 185pds you cant carry a team on your back when you can barely carry your purse (and I dont mean his fat paycheck,60 carries and he gets paid WHAT?!!? LMAO)

  4. Dolphinatic, since his own team considered putting him out to pasture, it wasn’t just one slightly down year that did it. He’s had trouble staying healthy, and he’s a bit thin-skinned as well. He should have a good season if he doesn’t get hurt, but won’t be the threat in 2-3 years that he was in the past.

  5. “The hill represent another rushing title this year for the season. For others watching this thing who’ve worked out on hills, this is a opportunity to build strength within.”

  6. Better not let L.T. play in the preseason!!! he’ll get hurt & won’t be able to play in the regular season!!! he has not stayed healthy in 2 years!!! he’s a has been!!!

  7. There are those that don’t know and those that know football.
    Those that don’t know football think LT is a cry baby, a quitter and too old to matter. They fear him when he lines up against their team.
    Those that know appreciate that they’re seeing greatness right before their eyes. They too fear him when he lines up against their team.
    The difference is, those that know football respect the player and the man, both on the field and off.

  8. he ought to take it easy in preseason. then he might be available for the playoffs.
    visor boy to the rescue!

  9. Otherwise, he’ll be sitting on the sidelines — again — if the Chargers make it to the postseason.
    Don’t forget the weather. If it’s cold out, he be on the sidelines too.
    He’s as soft as a newborns butt.

  10. @ SixBurgh
    “Those that KNOW” > fantasy GEEKS!
    Just what are you trying to say?
    I noticed that you spend more time reading Chargers news than Steelers news. Worried?

  11. not tryin’, I AM sayin’ that as fans who know NOTHING about winning & based on what I read on boards such as this, you Bolt fans covet fantasy stat compilers over WINNERS, then again what choice do you have, my 3 hometown teams have WON 12 World Championships in my lifetime, which is EXACTLY a dozen more than you can claim of yours, I reckon!

  12. My hometown (not SD) team has won several as well. Congratulations to the both of us.
    And my condolences for success in things that matter in life. I say that because you’re probably still living in Pittsburgh.
    Now, what’s that got to do with LT having another great season?
    Great Minds Discuss Ideas; Average Minds Discuss Events; Small Minds Boast About Sports Championships – something that had you no hand in.

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