Marketing rights tying up Manning deal?

We heard yesterday that the delay in the finalization of the nearly-nine-figure Eli Manning contract arose from issues between CAA, which handles Manning’s football negotiations, and IMG, which still represents him for marketing purposes.

We then were told by a source with knowledge of the situation that it’s not a CAA-IMG thing, but that the delay arises from “language” in the Manning-Giants contract.

So we’ve since picked up some more information that harmonizes the two competing nuggets.

Per a league source, the Giants hope to secure a right of first refusal on behalf of the franchise’s sponsors, which would give the sponsors a chance to pull Eli Manning within the scope of the advertising deals that the team has struck.

This issue last arose for a high-profile player in 2005, when a desire by the Browns generally to secure a right of first refusal for receiver Braylon Edwards’ marketing opportunities held up their efforts to ink Edwards to a rookie contract.  (Eventually, the Browns relented.)

In Manning’s case, one potential conflict between his own marketing deals and the team’s sponsorship arrangements involves, of all things, watches.  Manning is a spokesman for Citizen; the Giants have a deal with Timex.

So with CAA handling the football contract and the football contract potentially impacting the marketing rights represented by IMG, it’s a delicate situation — and for now it’s keeping the deal from getting done.

20 responses to “Marketing rights tying up Manning deal?

  1. Why all the fuss for an overrated QB ? First overall pick that has been outplayed but 2 of the 3 Qb’s selected behind him .
    Like his brother neither deserved the MVP’s they won in their respected superbowls .

  2. Eli is a rapist scum. Oh wait, that’s the other guy… my bad. Eli is the one endowing the hospital wing.

  3. Cleg says:
    “As a Skins fan I could not be happier that the Gnats are tying up Pouser Manning”
    LOL!!!!!!!!! says the fan whose QB is Jason “I feel like a piece of toilet paper” Cambell”.
    You dummy.

  4. and lets not forget that the fskins just singed a a guy who has only played one full season to a 100 million + contract.
    Skins fans have no room to talk, especially while Hollywood Snyder is in the mix.

  5. I sure hope this doesn’t impact the DSRL this year. Can’t wait to see the Mannings take on Aunt Esther and her sister.

  6. If there wasn’t a concern that he was their spokesman BEFORE this contract, what’s the big deal now?

  7. I can’t believe that the Giants are willing to pay Eli that kind of $$, and that Eli is stupid enough not to have already signed the dotted line. I thought that they (both sides) were smarter than that. Obviously neither side has a grip on reality. If you objectively look at what the Giants gave up for Eli it’s not hard to see that they were ROBBED by San Diego and that Eli is indeed a BUST!

  8. Giants do yourselves a favor and pull your offer from the table. If he wants to squabble about marketing rights let him do a Chunky “I feel a bad year coming on” Soup commercial. Heck have his brother do it with him. Now that would make for some quality television!

  9. fishfan…seriously. You need to get over this Eli-phobia of yours. He may not be going to the HOF, but he’s far from a bust. You’re just looking like a fool when you talk that way.

  10. Hey Krow,
    What’s so great about Eli? I know that I would much rather have Rivers and Merriman. If that’s a phobia then I think it’s a good one. As far as being a fool goes you can see one just by looking in a mirror.

  11. Fishfan,
    The way you’re trashing Manning is completely out of hand. If going 42-29 in the regular season, 4-3 in the postseason, and earning a Superbowl MVP makes you a bust, then how many (few?) players in the league do you actually find worthy of the game?
    Philip Rivers is an excellent quarterback and Merriman is a force when healthy, but as a Giant fan I’d make that trade five times over for the experience the Giants gave us during Super Bowl XLII.
    An event of that magnitude (which I don’t believe has happened that recently for the fish…) turned Manning into an immortal of Giants history and likely second in line to Jeter in the pecking order of current New York sports stars. He was gonna get paid one way or another, get over it.

  12. The Eli trade proves how “Stupid” J.A. Smith is/was.
    He could have kept Brees, drafted Fitzgerald and would have had a far better team.
    The kicker choked in the playoff game where it was put on his shoulders, Merriman is a roidhead who has missed plenty of time with injuries and a suspension. Rivers is a crybaby rube that isn’t nearly as good as Brees.
    The Giants came out ahead in that draft and it’s not even close.

  13. Yeah that Eli what a waste MVP gets better every year has better numbers year to date then his brother and when all is said and done and they are both retired Eli will have more Rings and better stats.
    Now that may not be just due his playing but also due to his team Giants #1 D in the NFL
    Rivers would have gotten his ass kicked in the Meadowlands by his team mates and the fans this is not sunny Sad dago if he started yelling at the fans in the Swap he would have found where Jimmy Hofa is
    As far a shawa marygirl I am very happy with what we have on D no need for lights out or is it knee out?
    Eli has gone to Greenbay in Jan and out played the great #4 he then went on to make one of the best scrambles in history and throw a pass that should never have been caught
    Eli has heart and guts and he also has skill so keep hating I will go to Canton the day he is inductucted

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