Will Gruden be the new Emmitt?

As we prepare for the first full weekend of NFL preseason football, it’s time to get acquainted with some of the new faces and voices who’ll be bringing pro football to us.

And, consequently, we’re starting to realize how much we’ll miss Emmitt Smith.

But maybe there’s hope.

During the 6:00 p.m. ET edition of SportsCenter, former Raiders and Bucs coach and new ESPN analyst Jon Gruden pulled an Emmitt by butchering a word.

“Indoctrininated,” Gruden said, adding a syllable in a style that actually was more reminiscent of Homer Simpson.

Maybe it was rookie nerves.  Maybe he was just focusing too hard on not dropping an “F” bomb.  (Or six of them.)

Regardless, there’s a new sheriff in town.  And perhaps it means the English language will continue to be debacled.

15 responses to “Will Gruden be the new Emmitt?

  1. I want a count on how many times he says “I love that guy”, then a couple of weeks later screws him over.
    This guy is a jackass.

  2. I’d call this entry crap except that I thought the EXACT SAME THING while I was watching Lol.
    Also the insistence on the “Monday Night” theme on a Thursday is a little annoying, like anyone who bothers to watch a preseason game on a Thursday night doesn’t know ESPN also has Monday night football.
    and lastly WAAYYY too many guys on this broadcast. it’s annoying as f*ck, especially considering there’s nothing unique being contributed… I mean two or three guys could convey the same thoughts that they’re using about 10 people to share.

  3. I couldn’t agree with Jas7n more. Way to many jackasses trying to get their face on TV on that thing.

  4. Mr. F, I think you need to be a little careful. I understand you may be a little drunk now on popularity given the recent success of something that started as a lark and now turned into a full time job.
    What you have to be careful of is trying too hard. You have to be careful of thinking you can do anything you want, and have that lead you to inventing things.
    There’s no story here, you’re inventing it because he didn’t say indoctrinated perfectly. It’s not a story.
    You do it with the idiocy of monitering airplane tail numbers, and you’re doing it here. Be careful. You’re trying too hard when you really don’t need to do so.

  5. it’s that media wall-to-wall-to-toilet stall coverage.
    i tend to turn the big screen on (not always the sound). and sit at the puter where i can assess multiple scores or dive in to what is happening on an individual game that i cant watch right then.

  6. He just butchered Steve Breaston’s name. Instead of pronouncing it properly (“Breast” as in funbag) he said “BREESton”. Breaston’s not some 7th round scrub nobody’s ever heard of, he was a 1000-yard receiver last year and his name isn’t that difficult.. and he should know who he is anyways. Emmitt Smiff indeed.
    And if this isn’t enough, we have Butthead Collinsworth to look forward to (not!) in the booth on SNF. Reminds me of the days when people used to turn ABC’s sound off and go with the radio for audio, so that they didn’t have to listen to Howard Cosell. I’d MUCH rather listen to ole Howard than either Smiff, Butthead or Chucky.

  7. After one half, I’m on board with Gruden. I’ve always liked the guy. I enjoyed him during the draft and I’m liking him so far. A little un polished, but he’ll be getting better every game.

  8. The people of Oregon will be wondering where they live if they listened to Gruden and his pronunciation of “Ore-EE-Gone.” Dennis Dixon’s college career is his kryptonite.
    He’s trying way too hard, but it is preseason. Might help if he learned each state’s correct name. No worse than TK talking/verbally masturbating about Brady or Favre.
    I was hoping for Donny Iris in the booth at half time.
    By the way, nice hair on Boomer post HoF induction with red face and plugs – good to see GLH from Ronco is still available.

  9. I think Gruden is a huge improvement. He actually watches and talks about the game he’s at.
    I wish he could talk like he does on the sideline.
    Other than that no complaints.

  10. To you get the idea that hiring BAD announcers are the new trend.
    I mean we are talking about him right ?
    Chucky the doll has more TV personality.
    Jaws can do it alone.
    The UFL can’t get here any sooner. *wink*

  11. Well I only caught Gruden a little bit at a time, because I was mainly watching the Skins lay another egg, but he sounded good to me. My only concern is for Jaws and LiL Mike on either side of him. Gruden likes to talk with his hands and I fear if he gets excited he is going to smack one of the guys on either side of him in the mouth at least once. Regardless, should be interesting.

  12. I actually liked Chuckie on the telecast and enjoyed his insights from a coaches perspective. Any Buc fans want to give back the Super Bowl trophy that he delivered – you know, the one that “Holier than Thou” Dungy couldn’t?

  13. Well, I’m not concerned about Gruden. It’s the rice of patches for all new ESPN on-air personalities to butcher something in the English language.

  14. Calm down Metalhead, Dungy put all the pieces together in Tampa and Gruden reaped the benefits. I will agree with you, however, that Gruden is somewhat enjoyable to listen to in the broadcast booth. He helps keep Jaws in check which is always a good thing. Hey Florio, until I come to this site one day without it being littered with crossouts and corrections, I would be careful criticizing someone who has one take and is being watched by millions. You make mistakes still and you have time to proofread.

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