"Bettis" returns to the NFL

Lost in the shuffle created by the return of Mike Vick to an NFL team is that another recognizable name that hasn’t appeared in pro football for a few years is back, in the very same division where Vick will play.

Sort of.

According to Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post, the jersey of Redskins running back Ladell Betts contained an extra letter during Thursday night’s preseason game against the Ravens.

Instead of Betts, the ‘Skins had “Bettis.”

“I didn’t know,” Betts said after the game, per Steinberg.  “I
don’t think anybody noticed it until about midway through the first
quarter.  I had no idea.  Somebody came up to me with a jersey and said,
‘We need to change your jersey,’ and I was like, ‘What’s wrong?’  I
thought maybe my jersey was ripped. . . .  Actually, I do like Jerome Bettis, but I don’t prefer to have his name on my back.”

We could give the Redskins’ equipment crew the benefit of the doubt on this one if ” Bettis” were an undrafted rookie slapdick, destined to be included in the first wave of roster cuts. 

But “Bettis” has been a member of the Redskins for SEVEN YEARS.

Then again, we don’t rule out foul play, with someone like Chris Cooley responsible for the prank. 

If so, well played.

8 responses to “"Bettis" returns to the NFL

  1. But unlike the real Bettis, this guy didn’t fumble on the 1 yardline and almost cost his team the season and a superbowl like that fat load did in 2005 in Indianapolis.
    Say what you want about Ben but he saved their asses that game with that tackle.

  2. If it was a prank, why make it Bettis when it could have been Butts? Bettis is just an honest eye’s mistake from some staff member.

  3. Good call misterj, think of all of the Marion Butts jokes that could have followed…
    Coughlins Happy Pills, what does that have to do with any of this………?

  4. Big ben Rapistburger:
    I don’t get many chances to do my Jerome Bettis is a fat sack of crap who is as overrated as you can get and almost cost them the SB in 2005-2006 rant.
    I need to take advantage where I can.
    And yes I do think Ben sucks, he just played well in that game.

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