Childress has yet to name a starter . . . for tonight's game

In what could be a harbinger of the guessing game Browns coach Eric Mangini will be playing in the days preceding September 13 as he prepares to host the team from Minnesota, Vikings coach Brad Childress has not yet named a starting quarterback, per the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Childress hasn’t named a starter . . . for the meaningless preseason game that will be played later today in Indianapolis.

Childress’ foot-dragging seems a little ridiculous on the surface; it’s a meaningless game, after all.  But Childress likely realizes that the guy who gets the nod will be perceived as having the inside track to the job.

By waiting as long as possible, maybe Childress will be able to sell the notion that the guy who starts tonight’s game against the Colts isn’t really the “starter.”

So, yeah, maybe he should do the same thing for Week One at Cleveland, because the guy that starts against the Browns will be playing not with a short leash, but with a barbed-wire choke chain.

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  1. Maybe he is still holding out for Brett Favre or Vick, or waiting for that McNabb trade to go through.

  2. I wish all you media guys would just frickin’ drop the whole “meaningless pre-season game” crap. It’s ALWAYS meaningful to see the first performance in live game action of vets returning from injury, free agent acquisitions, the guys who may (or may not) replace critical starters who have moved on to other teams, and rookies – especially the rookies, now that you media hype-casters have gotten so many more people following the draft and free agency.
    “Meaningless preseason game” translates to ignoring all that critical stuff (to us fans) during TV broadcasts. All you guys need to remember that, during the pre-season, it may not matter who wins or loses, but how they play the game is still really, really important. In fact, it’s the ONLY thing that makes them worthwhile. And, in that respect, the “coverage” by the guys in the broadcast booth really sucks. Especially at NBC.

  3. This game Childress is playing is ridiculous. He knows what he has in Jackson. Why should we think he has changed? Great arm, good mobility, questionable decision making, given to occasional streaks of panic and wildness. That is the book on Jackson.
    He needs to give Rosenfels an honest try to run the team. WAY too much is made of the “helicopter” play last year. Come on. One game where he blew it, TRYING to make something happen in a big game they were underdogs in? If you watch the game the guy played TREMENDOUSLY through the majority of it, carving up the colts defense and playing VERY confidently and reading the defense very well.
    I’ve NEVER seen Jackson do that. He can hit a WIDE OPEN reciever and that is ABOUT it. Ask for more and you’re in trouble.

  4. “So, yeah, maybe he should do the same thing for Week One at Cleveland, because the guy that starts against the Browns will be playing not with a short leash, but with a barbed-wire choke chain.”
    In light of Mike Vick being welcomed back in the league i guess it ok again to make jokes involving torture devices for dogs.
    Well played Florio.

  5. The great arm thing is questionable on TJack as well. Yeah, he’s got a strong arm, but has the accuracy of a bottle rocket. He’s missed badly on alot of open receivers as well. Although noone can match his skill at his patented jump-no-pass

  6. Maine Man,
    True that! I remember the Lions won all four pre-season games last year and we all know how that worked out!

  7. haha for real the jump and pump fake where soon after he starts to freak out hopefully only leading to a sack. thats my t-jack, gotta start him, rosenfels has no zip on his passes compared to good ol’ jumpy jacky

  8. You’re right truefan, it would be obvious to give Sage a shot, but it being obvious doesn’t mean Chilly sees it, especially when T Jackoff is still his hand-picked favorite. It’s moves like that that make me love Chilly so much, or at least make me love having him coaching a rival team so much.
    Here’s hoping both Chilly and Jackoff get huge extensions this season.

  9. Yea, I gotta say… I’m still waiting for Farve to jump in. It still could happen. Everyone knows how much Favre hates training camp, so who knows? He could jump in at any time really. I think Childress knows this and is still feeling this out.

  10. I see the dilemma. It really is a toss-up:
    Would he rather the team lose through interceptions and sacks, or through incompletions and fumbles?
    Chinese restaurants tend to use a lot of MSG (monosodioum glutamate) to enhance the flavor of their food.

  11. Hey CrypticNonSequiturGuy:
    You’re talking about TJackson in BOTH cases. I see no body of statistics that Sage Rosenfels has any big problem with interceptions, sacks, incompletions or fumbles. That’s my essential point.

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