Jay Glazer, bingo expert

We’ve known Jay Glazer for a couple of years.  And the guy is nuts.  In a good way.

We think.

FOX has sent him to training camps again this year.  (Except in Kentucky.)  Along the way, Glaze has defaced Mort’s bus and tackled the problem of competing wiener endorsements.

Most recently, Glazer has taken a break from the rigors of the road.

By playing bingo. 

Pay particular attention to the moment when he invites the blue hairs to “eat it.”

At least he called them “ladies.”

Yeah, he’s nuts.  In a good way.

We think.

4 responses to “Jay Glazer, bingo expert

  1. I think it’s hysterical when old people are mocked. And frightened.
    On the other hand, fresh basil really does add something special to a pasta dish.

  2. The Kentucky link was funny as hell. He’s right, parts of KY are bass ackwards, but it’s just because he’s visiting the wrong parts. I lived in Louisville for 5 years and that city is downright awesome. HUGE nightlife, something like 1 scrip club (thanks Pacman) for every 3 blocks in the city, and great people (who don’t sell moonshine). He just needs to visit the right places, and stay out of the dry counties.
    Great link though.

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