Ravens receiver Marcus Smith out for year

It’s a good thing Derrick Mason came back, because the Ravens would be running out of receivers otherwise.

They were dealt their latest blow Thursday when reserve wideout Marcus Smith tore his ACL, according to PFT’s Aaron Wilson

Smith was recently taking reps with Baltimore’s first team, although that’s largely because Mark Clayton and Demetrius Williams have also struggled with injuries.

Now Smith, a fourth-round pick in 2008, will miss the season.  With Clayton’s status up in the air and Williams rarely healthy for long, last year’s seventh-round pick Justin Harper will be asked to step up.  Harper has opened some eyes in training camp.

Still, the rash of injuries has to be discouraging.  The Ravens were hoping to balance their offense in Joe Flacco’s second season more, but that may be tough if they can’t keep their wide receivers on the field.

18 responses to “Ravens receiver Marcus Smith out for year

  1. Ravens need some duct tape and tampons to get their team put together lol . Anyone who thinks the Steelers arent going to repeat needs to wake up .

  2. The guy wasn’t necessarily very good, but he was looking better than most of the alternatives on the bottom end of the position roster. I’m not sure they even have 5 guys worthy of being on an NFL roster and 2 of them (Clayton, Williams) are hardly what you’d consider Ironmen.
    I wonder if they’ll overlook potential “character issues” with someone like Matt Jones now.

  3. Put 2 DBs on Old Man Mason, have Ryan Clark watch Willis, and blitz everyone else. Balt O is not going to move fwd this year.

  4. @ Darth Ringo. Seriously? I think Palmer in street clothes by November is a better bet. The Bengals have no O-Line, and a weak defense. They sent their best offensive weapon packing in the off-season. They’re not winning anything this year.

  5. They’ll scoop up one of the WR’s that get cut from the Giants. Perhaps a trade is worked out. We need a backup center.

  6. Flacco is a stud but his dependence on Mason can’t be overstated. I blame the coach for being too predictable. No way they beat the Steelers with the roster they have defensively & they don’t match the offensive talent either! If Clayton gets healthy & STAYS healthy he could be very dangerous if Horribaugh speads it around.

  7. Ravens need some duct tape and tampons to get their team put together lol . Anyone who thinks the Steelers arent going to repeat needs to wake up .
    Says the team that throws more cheap shots and start more fights than anyone, and get some duct tape for rashard mendenhalls shoulder, that thing just popped right out of there on one hit. You guys preach toughness, get smart. 8 point winners in an afc ship with a rookie staff and qb, and 20 ppl on Ir, get a clue, you guys are the ones who need to replace your tampons , mr bozo. We still have TE’s Rb’s flacco is already better than ben rothlesraper already.

  8. Ravens will finish at 9-7 at best. Offense will finish 25th at best the D will be in the top 10 only because Reed is a nasty ball hawk and will create some points whether he catches it or forces the QB into a tight spot.
    He couldnt tackle ME, but he changes the game based on his vision and sheer ability to read the QB.
    Without Reed and Suggs, they dont go 7-9…..thats how good those two players are….and I am a Steelers fan given Ravens players props.

  9. Lots of uninformed posters here. The Ravens looked pretty good this past week. I think they could be stronger this year-
    Flacco has more experience, Oher looks like a JoeThomas type impact player on the o-line, and I think with Gregg and Kruger, they have even more depth to their defensive line.
    The steelers may have won all 3 last , year but lets not listen to all tof the steeler fan BS- all of those games were nail biters. I think they will be in the hunt.

  10. Steelers-Ravens games are almost always nail-biters, that’s what makes ’em great. A lot of injuries happen. It could be the Bengals sneak through this year, is all I’m saying.

  11. BRYAN_NELMS says:
    “Flacco wins it with his legs. That guy is a stud”
    Now go wipe Uni-brow’s man glaze off your chin sport!
    @ pocket-

  12. @ TheRuralJuror-
    If it makes you feel better, please accept my sincerest apologies for OWNING you last season…what else would you call it when a superior team defeats an inferior one 3 out of 3 times in the same season, the last of which was for a trip to immortality & one in which the final score was not indicative of the domination that took place on the field, when you take into account the TD taken away from Holmes, two dropped passes with a clear path to endzone on each, one by Parker and one by Sweed & both TD’s allowed were set up by PI’s, the first of which was so blatantly bogus, otherwise your team was unable to sustain any substantial drives & best of all your MURDERING leader knew that your team had no answer for the hurt as he wasn’t man enough to face the media after the game & why would he, since there was no “next game in our house” to cry about!

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