Steve Smith is back at practice

Though we continue to be intrigued by the many layers of the Mike Vick signing in Philly, we’ll do our best to keep up with other stuff going on in the NFL.

And here’s one that’ll make Panthers fans happy.

Steve Reed of reports that receiver Steve Smith is back at practice, only three days after taking a cart ride due to a shoulder injury.

Conflicting accounts emerged in the wake of the injury, with Smith reportedly fearing that his absence could extend into the regular season.

7 responses to “Steve Smith is back at practice

  1. Whatever happened to Smith doing returns?
    And you have to use a #2 lead pencil when you take standardized tests, so the computer can properly score your responses.

  2. i wonder if he is still mailing the check to Anthony Bright??
    He should have been put in prison at the time but hey
    if you only get 30 days for killing someone since you are a
    ‘somebody’ wide receiver, i guess its fair to give a bigger star
    a walk for a lesser crime.
    but he has ‘dealt’ with his anger issues.
    im sure all his teammates believe that S..T when the lights go out in the film room. After all he does some of his best work in the dark, from behind with no warning. new definition of the word ‘tough guy’
    what a POS.

  3. and then there was Ken Lucas……
    funny Steve is still around, both his punchees are long gone and
    all you hear is how the Panthers ‘wont put up with that crap” (when the name of a free agent comes up with a questionable past) , that they have Too Much Class for such shenanigans.
    i cant help but wonder whos next?
    see ya at practice tomorrow steve

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