York on Crabtree: "We're all in"

In the intricate game of negotiating with a first-round holdout, a contest that entails equals parts chess and chicken, leverage is critical.

49ers owner Jed York might have inadvertently surrendered some of that leverage to receiver Michael Crabtree on Friday night.

Addressing the ongoing contract impasse between the Niners and the tenth overall pick in the draft, York said (per John Crumpacker of the San Francisco Chronicle), “We’ll get it done at some point.  They’ve had discussions.  We’ll get it done.  We’re all in.”

Frankly, we’re not sure what “we’re all in” means in this context.  But if it means that the Niners will do whatever it takes to get the deal done, then agent Eugene Parker might be emboldened in his quest to get more for Crabtree than receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey pocketed from the Raiders from the seventh overall slot.

Apart from the precise import of “we’re all in,” York has essentially committed to getting the deal done.  This means that Parker can continue to dig in his heels, confident that, at some point, York will give his football operations the order to do whatever is necessary to get Crabtree into the fold.

And so the best approach for any owner who’s asked about a contract squabble continues to be offering a quote along these lines:  “I trust our front office to act in the best interests of the franchise, and I’m confident in the abilities of the people who are negotiating the contract on our behalf.”

UPDATE:  Though the Chronicle was silent on this point, Matt Maiocco of the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat reported that York said “we’re all in” regarding the reality that the window for trading Crabtree’s rights expired on Friday.  We’re still not sure it was the best choice of words, given that there was no indication that the Niners were ever considering unloading Crabtree onto another team.

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  1. If Michael Crabapple gets more money than he deserves for his slot, because of his diva-like behavior, Eugene Parker’s name will – eventually – go down in infamy. I hope.
    But I prefer to think that “we’re all in”, just means they’re all exhausted from the tedious, stupid, short-sighted, greedy machinations of this talented moron and his agent.

  2. It’s an obvious misquote. It should have read:
    “We’ll get it done. We’re all in…his a-hole with a size 13. Unfortunately for us, he seems to like it…”

  3. You could read it as they’ve pushed everything they have onto the table. There’s nothing left. Nothing more to give.

  4. I think “all in” means the 49’ers have offered the very best they are able or are willing to offer.
    If anything, I would think the message to the Crabtree camp is that they aren’t going to get anything better than what’s on the table now.

  5. I take “we’re all in” as meaning that the 49’ers have their max offer on the table and he can take it or leave it……but, I can understand the ambuguity in the statement.

  6. Florio…you should have read the rest of what he said. York said, “we’re all in” because the deadline to trade him passed on Thursday…so that’s why they’re all in.

  7. Call me crazy, but my estimate of the impact that York’s “We’re all in” comment will have in negotiating a deal is zero.

  8. GrabGreed vs. Jed = First win of the season for Cynical Nation. DHB is already better. Oops.

  9. Couldn’t all in also mean they are trying to call Crabtree’s bluff by saying that the 49ers are at the point of whatever their offer is, is all the money they are willing to offer?

  10. I think York may be saying “we’re all in” as far as the 49ers best offer is on the table. We’ll get it done at some point may mean, look, the best offer is out there and it’s a take it or leave it situation. If thats the case, let Crabtree sit for the year and re-enter the draft. I don’t believe he will be drafted any higher or get anymore money since all 32 franchises would know he is already a diva, without ever setting foot on an NFL field. Just another case of greed on the players part.

  11. What I took away from the “all in” comment was that the 49ers have pushed all the cash they’re willing to offer onto the bargaining table. If Crabtree accepts, its a deal; if he doesn’t, he re-enters the draft next year. I could be wrong…

  12. Just because York said “We’re all in” doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re going to significantly going to up their offer for Crabtree. Perhaps he just meant that they are committed to getting this turd in camp. If Eugene Parker refuses to budge on his ridiculous demands, then by all means I hope York tells Parker to GFH. Gawd, Crabtree must be one stupid, stupid kid not to realize that he’s on the verge of throwing his first year in the league right down the shitter.

  13. The York’s are the leagues worst owners, period even Al Davis knew to stay away from that douche Crytree!
    While DHB is running routes in pre-season games Crytree and the York’s are trading barbs in an ugly hold out.

  14. Silver&Black666 — Running routes is about all DHB will do.
    Funny that you say the Yorks are the worst owners when Al Davis fires a HC for looking at him wrong. The Raiders won’t compete for a SB until that old man is dead.

  15. DHB is running routes but not catching passes oh that’s right he caught 1-4 for zero yards impressive! Plus Jamarcus the fat ass Russell still has the worst hold-out. How didn’t the great Al Davis not know that was going to happen?

  16. Wow, it looks like pretty much everyone agrees that “all in” means the ’49ers best offer is on the table. I hope this guy ends up sitting out and re-entering the draft next year, where he’ll most likely go in the 2nd or 3rd round.


  18. Niner (want to be a ) Nation
    First only The Raiders are the Raider Nation if you want to call yourself something think of something new don’t copy us.
    Second your team is moving here to Santa Clara and your stupid owner allowed it to happen. Its only because of the York’s that Al Davis is NOT the worst NFL owner.
    Third you got bamboozled you got hoodwinked Crabtree is a bust Al Davis was smarter than you tards on this move and everyone else in the NFL can see it so why cant your sorry uneducated ass admit it?

  19. Niner Nation, I believe the Raiders competed for a superbowl title in 2002. And if my history of the NFL is right, they have been to 5 and won 3. So actually they have competed and won with Davis running the show. Not that I care cause I am not a fan of either team 49ers or Oakland. But, at the moment you got to wonder why the Browns passed on Crabtree and the Raiders passed on him.

  20. OK, all the sniping between 9ers and Raiders fans (“no, MY team sucks less!”) aside, Florio, you’re making a mountain 0ut of, well, not even a pimple. York’s comment has no significant meaning and impacts negotiations not at all. What a waste of your time. Don’t you have Bradshaw’s death to report or something?

  21. Journeyman — The last time the Raiders won a SB was 1983…so no, considering Davis had a GIFT of Gruden as his HC, I don’t give him credit for that appearance. Not to mention the fact that he hired Callahan for the season that they DID go to the SB…how did that work out? Davis is the main problem for the Raiders, if you don’t believe me, you don’t know football.
    Silver&black666 — Me…think of something new? Why would I try and come up with something new when I can take an existing idea and twist it into my own? I’m sorry, is “don’t copy us” the best you’ve got?
    As for the move to Santa Clara, it’s dependent on a public vote early next year…and why would I be upset about the move? It’s a great location in a city that is more likely to keep their word(San Fran doesn’t actually pay up) than San Francisco.
    And come on…you’re saying that a move to Santa Clara makes the Yorks the worst owners? Do you remember Al Davis moving the Raiders to LA? Are you old enough to remember that? Do you even know your own team?
    Crabtree…I’ll be the first to admit that he’s a greedy SoB. However, the reason why the Raiders passed on him, is because Al Davis is in love with speed. If you don’t believe me, look at his drafts for the past 10 years…he goes for the fastest guys. Besides, with Russell at QB, the Raiders didn’t need a slow WR(Crabtree), the Raiders wanted a WR that can go deep in a hurry. I’m not saying that DHB was a bad pick, he may end up being a great pick, but he fit the scheme.
    Why did the Browns pass on Crabtree? I don’t know, maybe because they passed on everybody in the first round? They traded back THREE times! Maybe…they just didn’t want to spend a lot of money. Or maybe teams passed on Crabtree because he’s coming off of surgery? Never ran a 40?
    Back to Silver&black666 for the ending…do not call me uneducated. I’m willing to bet that I know more about your team, than you do. It’s funny how you have no idea why Davis would want DHB over Crabtree(IT’S THE SCHEME DUMBASS), and that your posts are riddled with spelling errors. Learn the English language before posting again, please.

    Now Al Davis is drafting to fit schemes? LMAO!!! I think you give Al Davis wayyyyy too much credit. I am convinced Al Davis picked DHB over Crabtree because his Ouija Board told him to. Maybe in his Alpha-Bits that morning, he had an extra abundance of Ds, Hs, and Bs.
    I promise, it wasn’t to fit a scheme.

  23. Hahaha! You boyz make me laugh. I agree with dude up there that the “were all in” comment is just some BS they say when they dont want to admit whats really going on.
    Crabtree’s plan to hold out may work, because at this point the Niners arent going to let his prima-donna ass sit the season out.
    Oh and as for the Niner Nation – Raider Nation crap. The niners are a DYNASTY. You will never hear that word with Oakland Raider anywhere!
    ~Ladyluvsniners 😉

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