Tarvaris denies wanting a trade

While Czar Florio live blogs the Brett Favre introductory press conference, we can’t help but wonder if Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels are watching the proceedings.

The demoted Vikings quarterbacks met with the media Tuesday before Favre, although they didn’t require a gigantic conference room for the proceedings.  Or a somber-sounding introduction from Brad Childress.

Jackson was asked about a previous report that he would want out if Favre joined the team.

“I heard about that. I never said that. I never said anything like that at all,” Jackson said. 

Jackson was asked for his reaction to Favre’s signing.

“I really don’t have a reaction. I’m just taking it day by day right now. I just came out here trying to get ready for the game Friday.”

Jackson could get caught in a numbers game in Minnesota whether he wants to get traded or not.  Sage Rosenfels got paid good guaranteed money and should remain, so the team may have to choose between Jackson and John David Booty.

Rosenfels was hoping to finally be the man for the first time in his career, but didn’t let his emotions show during what must have been a crushingingly disappointing day.

“I’m just going to keep working.  Keep working, stay ready, stay focused and be ready when this team needs me,” Rosenfels said.

Unless Favre’s consecutive games streak finally ends, the Vikings won’t need Rosenfels or Jackson for much this year.

17 responses to “Tarvaris denies wanting a trade

  1. Why would anybody want him? I would bring Gilbert Brown out of retirement to play QB before I would take Jackson!

  2. I like Sage…I think Tarvaris could have the talent needed to be a great QB, just not in Childress’ system. As much as I don’t like to say this…Favre, Sage, Booty (I don’t really like Booty). I would love to see Tarvaris in Coach Fox’s style of play as a Carolina Panther! This would not be a demotion for T-Jax, rather a chance at success. Childress has proven time and time again that his system of coaching doesn’t work for new QBs. Favre will work out because he has experience, Sage is in the same boat. T-Jax and Booty need to explore other options. However, Booty is a developmental project for Chilly.
    Chilly started T-Jax to early and injuries have plagued him. Carolina, Sign or trade for T-Jax!

  3. Gregggggg said “we can’t help but wonder if Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels are watching the proceedings.”
    “We”!? Aren’t you that acne-riddled 16 year old punk who gives Mike shit about using using “we” instead of “I” all the time? Welcome to the dark side, snot nose…

  4. Let the locker room unraveling begin.
    How are they gonna give a 39 year old guy, who led the league in picks last year, and has an admitted torn rotator cuff, 10-12 million a year?

  5. Childress and Favre deserve each other. I am so glad Childress was hired by the Vikes before GB had a chance to interview him. My prediction is Chilly is fired at the end of the season and Favre retires again after struggling through the second half of the season. The next we’ll see of him is when he and Deanna are sitting on their property in separate bathtubs doing a commercial for Cialis.

  6. These guys must have known all along Favre coming aboard was probably going to happen. Sounds rehearsed and too-careful; but what do I know, I’m getting it 3rd hand off a blog.
    For sure Favre isn’t the long term answer so they may as well stick around.

  7. They could trade T Jack Off for an equipment guy and a janitor to be named later. Geez, the guy is worthless, the only reason he played in the NFL at all is because the head coach is an idiot and egomanic who thought he could develop even a division II nobody.
    Sad to say, but T Jack Off is going to bagging groceries or flipping burgers, no other right minded coach is going to sign him after he clears waivers. Booty might even have an upside, the Vikings are going to have a new head coach next year so he’ll have a chance to start over.

  8. I feel bad for Tarvaris and Sage. They have been kicked in the nuts repeated times in quick sucession. I don’t think either are capable starters but you do have to feel bad for them. Though I didn’t want Favre he is a better QB than them, though he has a torn rotator??? What was Chilly thinking.
    Also. KEEP JOHN DAVID BOOTY!!!!!!!!

  9. Booty definitely has some upside. Watch for him to become the next Thigpen when, once again, the Vikings don’t realize what they have.
    As for Jackoff, it’s a real shame the draft is only 7 rounds these days, because no team in the league is currently dumb enough to give up more than a 10th for him.
    …except maybe the Raiders, but they already have two overrated QBs.

  10. What’s with all the indecision with the QB position this year? Cutler has been beaten down by press, fans and others……….Mint Rosie and TJack were “strung” along for some guy that wears the number 4 (and not Booty) and Jason C. has been treated like Ryan Leaf during the offseason. Now we’re hearing how K.C. has “questions” at QB (although for the time being it seems to be smoke without the fire)! The 49ers, the Raiders, and then there’s Vince Young. Is it that hard to find a QB nowadays that isn’t either nuts or crappy?
    TJack should have plenty of takers as long as he wants to send signals in from the sideline. Whoa, hold on, he may not even be good enough to do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Chilly thought he could make Minnesota his own little version of Philly but make it a winner. TJack didn’t turn into McNabb so now they\he has a problem. The best solution they have is that guy that wanted to be there last year but was dicked over by his previous management.
    Hopefully payback will be a bitch. But, it’s the Vikings, it usually ends the same with the Cowboy riding away. (not Vox)

  11. Jackson will most likely be cut since it’s unlikely the Vikings would be able to even pick up a seventh rounder for him. He’s injury prone and couldn’t land the QB job despite being given it on a silver platter.
    There is a rumor that the Packers may be interested because of his knowledge of the Vikings system. But given Jackson’s reputation as one who never studied the playbook much, his worth even there might be limited. Many knowledgable fans in Minnesota were never fooled by Childress’ confidence in Jackson. The CFL is where Jackson will eventually land.

  12. Good riddance. T-Joke is the most talentless QB in the National Football League.
    Favre, Rosenfels, and Booty are a great fit for the offense.
    I doubt anyone offers to trade for Toodles, he’ll be cut.
    It’s fun to listen to the critics. If it was YOUR team and the options were T-Joke, Sage Rosenfels, or Favre. Who would you take?
    You’d have to be a friggin’ moron not to take Favre over those guys AT ANY AGE!

  13. juicymelon …. has no idea what he is talking about. tavaris can’t complete passes with 10 guys in the box and takes sacks when they should be home runs completeing passes should be easy with the attention the running game gets, how many times can one qb in the nfl totally miss a wr running steps ahead of db with no safety (because they were in the box) and miss by 5 yards , not off of the fingertips . this guy got outperformed by gus who basically just completed those passes alone . tavaris has athletic ability and that is it that is all he is not an nfl qb at any level . t-joke the ufl could not even use him

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