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Yesterday, we spent more time talking about what Jay Glazer of FOX wasn’t reporting about quarterback Brett Favre and the Vikings than we did addressing the substance of Glazer’s prediction that the Vikings and Favre are destined to do business again.

Though Glazer has taken great pains to explain that it’s merely a prediction, Glazer is as plugged in as anyone.  So if he predicts something will happen, it carries a little more weight than when others offer up their gut feelings or quasi-informed speculation.  (Cue the “yeah, like you, Florio” comments.)

So while we don’t advocate the issue continuing to be the lead item on all ESPN platforms, it makes sense to keep a close eye on Favre and the Vikings, especially since training camp has closed. 

Already, we’re getting unsolicited tips that things could indeed be heating up soon.  And one tipster (who might or might not actually have inside information) has offered up the reason Favre will give, if/when he returns.

Look for Favre to explain that, if he doesn’t play for the Vikings in 2009, he’ll second guess himself for the rest of his life.  (Even if the tipster doesn’t know jack, it sure as hell sounds like something Favre would/will say.)

Then again, if Favre plays for the Vikings in 2009, he’ll second guess himself for the rest of his life.

And, for the rest of his life, Favre will find new things about which to second guess himself.

29 responses to “Keep an eye on Favre

  1. If he comes back and plays now it will just confirm that the lazy old geezer didn’t feel like going through training camp, putting his own comfort above the team and his teammates, as usual.
    This guy isn’t winning squat. The Vikings are better off without him.

  2. I really do not understand all the bad press regarding Favre. There are 32 head coaching jobs in the NFL and to keep that job you must win and I do not blame any coach who tries to make his team better. I have watched most or part of all the pre season games on NFL Network (I’m retired) and outside of a few teams the qb situation is really bad, and not only the starting qb’s but the backups are worse. The Vikings need a qb for them to win and since Brees, Brady, Manning are not available it makes sense to go after Favre.

  3. damn and here i thought Mister Favre (tell Rosenthal to spell it out next time, Mr. Florio is such a slap in the face to you) was down in good ol’ Mississip practicing the Ricoco Bang for the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars.
    Silly me.

  4. Florio, why do you have to force me to pick on you! I love your opinions and the battles they create! But come on! Favre isnt coming back so stop the man crush!

  5. Good. God bless him. I hope he comes back and plays for however long he feels like he can still do it. Something that doesn’t make sense to me is that so many people are so eager to get Vick (a convicted felon) back into the league and at the same time keep Favre out. I think Vick should be allowed to play…he did his time…but that’s not the issue. The issue is why so many people get mad because the best QB to ever play, a positive role model, and a hard working athlete that people can look up to is being criticized for wanting to play. Like I said…I don’t have a problem with Vick playing…I have a problem with people not wanting Favre to play.
    And don’t pull the “He is going to tarnish his legacy” crap…It’s his legacy…let him worry about it.

  6. The odd thing about this is that, though national reporters continue to hype the Favre-to-Vikings angle, I have yet to see any facts or rumors from local reporters or Vikings bloggers that would support all this. That makes me wonder if Glazer and others covering football just want the Favre story to keep going because it is good for their business.

  7. I woke up this morning and I shit a squirrel. Now, I have this shit covered squirrel running around my office. Don’t know what to name it.
    At first I thought it would be great having Favre at the Vikes, now I don’t really care.

  8. I am failing to see where this post isn’t a retread of the many other posts regarding this subject. It’s getting repetitive. Do you have a certain amount of posts that you try to push out a day or something? Not seeing where this was even worth mentioning… AGAIN.

  9. I still think BF’s motivation is to be intercepted by all 32 teams in the NFL thus insuring is HOF credentials.
    Where’s George Blanda when you need him…

  10. If Favre comes back and doesn’t second guess himself when his arm turns into a wet noodle, then maybe the Vikes have hope if he takes himself off the field.

  11. Ah the best of all worlds for Florio. If Favre stays out you can periodically throw out a story because of his past waffling. If “Lord” Favre comes back you can hammer him on almost a daily basis, especially if he struggles, then you have hit the gravy train.
    It must be good to be you….

  12. I will confirm right now that Favre has plans to be in the twin citeis today. More spicificly in the Eden Prairie area (Vikings HQ’s is located in Eden Prairie, MN)

  13. I think some of us talked, in detail I might add, after Favre semi-officially announced he wasn’t going to return to football a few weeks back. We agreed Favre hates training camp and most of us agreed that he proved last season that he doesn’t need to attend training camp (after the first four regular season games, his QB rating was 107 – hardly the number you’d expect to see if training camp meant anything to an 18 year NFL vet.).
    It’s pretty telling when more NFL fans seem to embrace a convicted felon over an NFL legend.

  14. As long as we keep reading and commenting on Favre posts, they are going to keep coming. It’s actually quite genius from Florio’s point of view trying to generate website hits to increase attractiveness to advertisers.

  15. STOP IT PLEASE!!! ESPN, NFL NETWORK, Mike Florio and anyone else that has “man love” for Brett!
    I feel like I’m being held hostage by the saga of Brett Favre.
    Let it go. The next time I want to hear or see any news about Brett Favre is five years from now in Canton Ohio.
    I can’t take it any more!!!

  16. “it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” Or a BOMBSHELL. Take your pick.

  17. All the nutt-hugging, man-loving Ted Thompson fans have suddenly gone limp…
    “Where’s your God now, Moses?”…myahh…

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