Bucs giving away free tickets

The Jaguars aren’t the only Florida NFL team having trouble selling tickets.

The Buccaneers can’t move the merchandise, either.

So the Bucs are giving them away.

According to JoeBucsFan.com, team staffers gave away “hundreds” of tickets to the Bucs’ August 27 home game against the Dolphins during Wednesday’s practice at One Buc Place.

It’s a great gesture, but a troubling sign.  Indeed, we’ve heard that there are concerns that more than a dozen teams will have trouble selling out their home games this year.

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  1. “A Concern” why if you are in a crap market the crap seats will always be hard to sell. Florida is one of the hardest hit states due tot he mortgage crisis and also has a high retired population another group holding on to their cash. Just because you think the NFL is God doesn’t mean it is not affected by the current economic times.

  2. well i know philly is not one of them. its sad that a team has a ring and the city could care less if th eteam up and moved. go eagles. if its one thing we do have its love for our team.

  3. um…..
    “We’re talking about practice, man, practice, not the game, not the game, practice.”
    these are preseason games man…

  4. It works for some artists in the music industry to give away free music so that more people might be exposed to an artist and in turn buy more music from said artist that normally would not.
    As for trying this with the sorry ass Bucs…please, that is more torture than anything else. Why not play their games at a local highschool then they might sellout. While they’re at it, pick up some local HS football players too.
    Save the trouble and move all three losing NFL teams out of FL.

  5. Goodell: now is the time to back away from the blackout policy. Be the good guy and let the people have their televised football. Broadcasting games does not influence ticket sales.

  6. i’m conflicted about this.
    should i want my team (Falcons) to be selling out games and thriving…
    ….or do i want some free tickets?
    I want some goddamn free tickets.

  7. Not so fast…You almost had to be a season ticket holder to get a ticket to watch practice. In other words, you had to have a ticket to watch practice and mostly the tickets were only available to season ticket holders and others connected to the Bucs.

  8. NFL, You have been warned several times via email.
    You continue to honor and support players who abuse others. There will be a penalty.
    There are other leagues and other venues out there.
    We dont have to tolerate you glorifying thugs and bullies.
    Final warnings.

  9. August 27? That’s a preseason game. Lots of teams (all maybe?) give away lots of preseason game tickets every year.

  10. Besides the economy the Bucs are in a “rebuilding” phase which all know means we are going to suck for a while so enjoy watching us turn the clock back to 1977.

  11. It’s Preseason for gods sake.
    Talk about scrapping the bottom of the barrel in an attempt to diss a franchise.
    Who’s about you wait until they give away tickets to a real game that matters.
    With money trouble like a lot of people have now why the hell would they waste cash on a game that means nothing?

  12. yeah the giving away of preseason tickets isn’t really a big deal, but ticket sales are hurting in Tampa. I know you Philly fans and other big city fans don’t understand, but There aren’t near as many people in Tampa, much less people that can afford a hundred dollars to go to a game. But Raymond James Stadium is ALWAYS full at kickoff one way or another. Just right now fans are going to wait until tickets come down to as low as they’re goin to come down before forking out the money in, really, overwhelming economic times in Florida. Doesn’t help that nobody really has a clue how good or aweful this team will be.

  13. Do any preseason games actually sellout? I would venture a guess that not really. I don’t know anyone that goes to preseason games, I can’t even watch one in its entirety from my damn couch.
    Preseason games are only good for families that can’t afford to go to regular season games. 1/2 the game is being played by guys that won’t even make the team, how exciting is that!

  14. Pre-season game!
    C’mon Mike. This is exactly the kind of misleading story ESPN would publish. You are better than this!
    Who cares if they aren’t selling them out.

  15. Maybe if they start wearing the cream sickle jerseys for the whole season they will get more interests……
    But back to reality, and restating many of the posters who think intelligently …..”It’s preseason”, the only sell outs are with all the drama queens playing for Buffalo and now Minnesota.

  16. Oh my God.
    The world is coming to an end.
    Another team can’t sell out a preseason game – especially in this economy.
    Let’s move every team to L.A., since we all know they will buy tickets and sell out every game. After all – it is in California – the Golden State – and we all know that there is no recession there; no unemployment; no poverty.

  17. With the economy the way it is right now, people are not going to spend their money on and invest in something that will likely be disappointment to them. If the Glazier Family would have gotten a quality coach this likely would not be happening.
    If these coaches pick the wrong QB to start it will likely get worse.
    Example: The Falcons 2 years ago (hint)!

  18. Get used to it–ticket sales and numerous blackouts are going to be the main story later this NFL season.

  19. Hmmm pay 300 to go sit in 110 degree heat next to fat drunk guys or sit at home and watch it on tv??

  20. to: broncoman
    “Save the trouble and move all three losing NFL teams out of FL.”
    I believe in 43 years of football the Miami Dolphins have had two losing seasons, 1966 and 2007.
    I believe we have beaten you badly the last 3-4 years.

  21. G-man says:
    August 19, 2009 3:15 PM
    Get used to it–ticket sales and numerous blackouts are going to be the main story later this NFL season.
    Only for the Vikings. As you know, we have the worst fans in the league.
    It will be excusable elsewhere.
    Just wait and see.

  22. Forget free tickets. About the only way you’d get me to a preseason game is by paying me and throwing in some free concessions as well.
    The preseason is a garbage product (and a borderline scam since you are required to buy them with season tickets), and the NFL and its teams know it. Look at all the empty seats in many of the stadiums for preseason. This gesture is more of an acknowledgement of what a sham the preseason is more than it is a “great gesture”.
    Think they’d be giving away tickets to a regular season game? Not a chance.

  23. Funny. The Bills aren’t having any trouble and we supposedly live in a piss-ant, rustbelt, depressed, crappy city… with a sh!tty stadium to boot. It was reported in the Buffalo News today that they just sold the 3rd most season tickets ever in team history. All but 3 games are sold out, with those 3 are expected to be by the start of the season. …and some say this team should move, pffft!

  24. Get used to these stories. Well, that and posters saying that only in Minnesota is a bad fan base the reason for difficulty selling out games (even though they all have been, and will continue to be, sold out).

  25. Anyone who has paid attention in the last 20 years knows that in general, Tampa sports fans are the fairest of all fair-weather fans. NFL, MLB, NHL…doesn’t matter. If you aren’t winning, they aren’t showing. When you ARE winning, they have all “been there from the beginning” and profess to be die-hards. It has nothing to do with the economy. Thats just yet another excuse for them to use to not go through the bad times with the teams that they profess to love. Win, and they’re in. Lose? You’re on your own. History has proven it.

  26. No way. You mean they had trouble selling tickets to a fake game for full price? I find that hard to believe. Who would want to pay $70 to watch the UFL’s future third string QBs in “action”?
    I hope every team has trouble selling out their preseason schedule to maybe the NFL will pull their heads out of their collective asses.

  27. Yo Chris…what in the world do you classify as a “losing season”? most people would say not making the playoffs would be a disappointed, losing season…but I will not go there. Instead, I will focus on some W/L’s and lets say that anything .500 or less is losing okay?
    ’66 was correct (3-11), but what about ’67 (4-10), ’68 (5-8-1), and ’69 (3-10).
    In 1976 they were 6-8. In 1988 they were 6-10. In ’80, ’86, ’89, ’91 and ’96 they were 8-8. You were correct about 2007…wow, horrible 1-15…I guess you couldn’t fake that one. But what about 04 (4-12) and 06 (6-10).
    Did you think I would just take your word for “I believe in 43 years of football the Miami Dolphins have had two losing seasons”…or do you actually believe that those years that I posted were winning seasons?
    And again, many would agrue that not making the playoffs would account for a “losing” season.
    And if you want to get real honest…like myself, who actually believes that not winning the Superbowl (Ultimate goal) is a losing season…well then, we share the same…since we both have won 2. However, just to stick it to you…SuperBowl appearences: Broncos: 6, Dolphins: 5.

  28. Couldn’t you just as easily have said that the Bucs fans aren’t as gullible as the rest of the league’s fans for not being willing to pay full price for a glorified practice?

  29. The Buccaneers sales department is uniquely inept. I run promotions for a MNC and we sometimes give away football tickets in the locations we operate mostly to employees, sometimes to clients. I called the Bucs, told them why I wanted to buy 25 season tickets and they said no. We have done this with football and other teams in other cities we operate and no one has EVER said no on the basis that they didn’t want to participate in the program.
    In other words, had we not been forthright. There would have been no problem. But, since we were honest and we wanted to give away the tickets, we could not purchase them.
    After I replied that the rationale was unique and questionable, I didn’t receive a response back. This is for an over 20k purchase. Whoever oversees the sales department for the Bucs, and probably whoever oversees that person, is in way over their head. I wouldn’t trust them to run a Dairy Queen. It’s too bad. The franchise has a lot of talent.

  30. Florio, You did it again. This story was not about the Jaguars, But you seem to find it a necessity to put this team down every chance you get. Is there a chick living in Jacksonville that did you wrong ?? Why do you have to constantly find some way to hate on this team and this city ?? Why ? Why ? Why ? Let it go man !!

  31. you know, if the teams actually LOWERED the ticket prices to reasonable rates given the economy, people would buy them.
    case in point: the seattle sounders, a MLS franchise in its first year, is putting 30k+ people in Qwest field (sell out for what they make available) EVERY GAME. what is the secret? reasonable prices. $20 or so for GA tickets. When is the last time you saw a NFL game with tickets at those prices?
    team owners should be asking themselves, what is better? Empty seats or full seats at a lower rate? hopefully the owners get hit in the pocket books big time this year and learn a lesson. I couldn’t renew my season tickets because i can’t afford them anymore.

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