Favre is not an impact player in fantasy leagues

Brett Favre’s return to football is the biggest story in the NFL, but he’s just another guy in fantasy leagues.

In the latest daily update to Rotoworld’s Fantasy Football Draft Guide, Favre isn’t ranked in the top-20 quarterbacks for the upcoming season.

Entertaining press conferences and announcer compliments don’t count in fantasy leagues, just numbers.  And Rotoworld’s expectations for Favre aren’t that different than they would have been for Sage Rosenfels.

Ultimately, they are both high completion quarterbacks that throw too many interceptions.  The Vikings should remain a run-first team, and Favre’s pass attempts could drop while throwing to an average receiver group.

Plus there’s the tiny concern that Favre is turning 40, hasn’t worked out with a team all offseason, and couldn’t convert deep passes last year.

Let the guy at your draft who has a number four jersey in his closet draft Favre.  We’d rather take guys like David Garrard or Trent Edwards, who should provide equal production at a cheaper price.

And with draft day fast approaching, it’s that time of year to start checking out Rotoworld’s lists of rankings, tiers and cheat sheets, so you are prepared for draft day.  (And with the season coming soon, these little plugs that help keep the lights on are almost over.)

13 responses to “Favre is not an impact player in fantasy leagues

  1. The consensus is Favre is a good backup to have for your starter’s bye-week. You could get lucky and slot Favre when he has one of those 3-TD games.
    Or (cross your fingers) a 6-TD game like he had last season with the Jets against the Cardinals.

  2. Favre wont be an impact player in any league this year. Perhaps UFL, but defin not the NFL or any Fantasy league out there.

  3. Favre’s biggest influence will be on the running game. I predict Peterson will have his best year yet as teams have to at least respect the pass. Favre won’t be the focus of the offense but defenses will have to plan for an aspect of the Vikes attack they wouldn’t have given much attention to before.

  4. Of course he’s not an impact player…..he throws just as many INT’s as TD’s, and he has no WR’s….I’d rather draft Vick!

  5. Nice plug for Rotoworld- a quality site. PFT is not known for its outstanding coverage of fantasy football, so great way to plug a site and get in another dig at a guy the boss hates (but writes about constantly).

  6. I love that the Queens primary offensive weapons this year will be
    a Packers QB throwing to a Bears WR…
    Now all they need is a Lion RB.
    (Maybe the Bears would trade Kevin Jones for Adrianne–once (s)he learns how to pick up a blitz, block, catch a pass, and stop fumbling, of course…)

  7. Anyone else click the link and have the blue link in the middle of the page, full of fantasy football information, say “Print On Demand Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide – Updated in Real-Time”

  8. hmm i thought nothing was going to change after the NBC buyout.
    say what you will to justify yourself and attempt to keep your longtime readers, but you sold out, Florio. Badly.
    i love Rosenthal’s input on Fake Football, but his posts on here are utterly worthless. and the “Mr. Florio” shit drives me up the wall.
    so i guess when you said nothing would change, Mister Florio, what you really meant was:
    “My posts won’t change. However, there will be other NBC-employed asswipes posting on ‘my’ blog (which ain’t yours no mo’) and we will throw you plenty of spam/plugs in random posts.”
    your posts are still good, Florio. Wilson is the man, too, been reading his stuff since i loved in Baltimore. but the overall quality of this site is sitting on the brink of the shitter.
    Glad you got paid brother but the “lying through your teeth” shit is worn out. Try sumpin’ new.

  9. Dewey the king of inaneness strikes again!
    His team picks up a Bronco at qb, a Ram to block, a Brown and a Panther to block and another Ram at lb. And yet he’s calling the Vikes out for thier pich-ups.
    You do realize in this era of football there is free agency right?
    You are such a simplistic piece of garbage.
    You don’t get that Berrian is a better wr than you have on your roster do you? I’m sure you don’t, Hester doesn’t even know to try and break up a pass by Jayne.
    Speaking of train wrecks, when is your pussy of a QB gonna shut his twat and just play ball?
    You wanna make fun of Favre’s ints, yet Jayne threw the 2nd most last year.
    I honestly don’t get how someone as ignorant as you makes it thru a day, let alone “many, many” years.
    I’m thinking your IQ is right around your shoe size.
    You didn’t ever answer me how it feels to suck at posting as much as you suck at life.
    JUST STFU for once, you sorry excuse for a human being!

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