T.O. spills the Maybin beans?

Well, if the Buffalo Bills were hoping to keep the deal with defensive end Aaron Maybin under wraps until after Saturday night’s preseason game, Terrell Owens didn’t get the memo.

Tweeted Owens moments ago:  Congrats 2 our #1 draft pick Aaron Maybin!! He will b officially joining the Buffalo Bills 2morr!!”


So it looks like the deal is done.

It remains to be seen whether the Bills will still try to keep it quiet through Saturday night, so that they won’t have to cut a player to make room for Maybin.

UPDATE:  T.O. later tried to cram the cat back into the bag:  “Yayyyyyy!  Aaron Maybin signed!!!  I think! (Puzzled look on my face & scratching my head!)”

19 responses to “T.O. spills the Maybin beans?

  1. yeah or the Bills will just pull an “Eli Manning” and suggest that they’re still working out some of the language and announce the deal as final on Monday morning.
    I know you think that Twitter will be the death of the NFL as we know it, Florio, but I highly doubt some NFL franchise, even the Bills, is so backwards that 160 characters is going to bring them down.

  2. TO is an idiot. Not more than Philly though. Giving that scum 1.6 million just shows morals are not to be found in the NFL. PATHETIC!

  3. TO will be a bum this year. The media whore act he has going on will grow old once he doesnt catch 10 tds or get 1000 yards

  4. Twitter is 140 not 160. Why cant TO be the leak, we all know these teams just “leak” this junk to guys like mortreport, then they become friends, the mortimers of the world know where their bread is buttered, then they are scared to say anything objective about the team.

  5. the fact that T.O. loves the Bills players, coaches and fans is tormenting so many people. gotta love it.

  6. Look at me everyone I need your attention!
    Now I will play reporter (weather its detrimental to my team or not) and because there has not been enough attention in me lately.
    Hey everybody I have breaking news!! forget about Favre and Vick or Cable its TO time!!
    I am so sick of the “LOOK AT ME league”

  7. i am so glad he is Buffalo’s problem now. its only a matter of time before T.Edwards & there offensive coordinator get thrown under the bus.
    i just cant understand why Buffalo wanted this locker room splitting turd after knowing what he done, in SF, Philly & Dallas. he cant catch, he cant get off the line of scrimmage with a CB in his face & he isnt that fast anymore. he really went downhill last year & i can assure it wasnt Romo, Witten or Garretts fault.
    i just fell sorry for all the Buffalo players/fans that have to deal with his big mouth…

  8. hey Dzil you cant be serious lol?
    Buffalo was the only team to give him an offer bcuz he wanted to be on team where he was the #1 WR or atleast a contender for the superbowl & if teams like Dallas, Giants, Bears or Ravens didnt want him then that should have told Buffalo something.
    its only a matter of time before the self destructing idiot throws Edwards & the offensive coordinater under the bus so congratz on picking up a 36 yr old WR thats been going downhill the last 2 years…
    i am so glad the Turd O headlines arent in Dallas this year! Good Luck Buffalo!

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