RedZone lands on DISH Network, too

As the league waits for major cable companies not named Comcast to pounce on NFL RedZone, a live whip-around to the key moments of each Sunday afternoon game, the major satellite provider not named DirecTV has gotten in on the act.

DISH Network will carry the new venture, based on the existing Red Zone Channel that currently airs exclusively on DirecTV as part of the Sunday Ticket package.

“NFL RedZone is the most exciting thing to happen to football since high definition,” said Ira Bahr, Chief Marketing Officer for DISH Network, in a release.  “There’s no better way to kick off the 2009 NFL football season than by changing the way America watches football, and DISH Network is pleased to offer consumers an opportunity to catch every touchdown and the biggest plays as they happen.”

The league secured the ability to eventually export the RedZone concept to other platforms as part of a contract extension with DirecTV.  By extending the broadcast contract with FOX and CBS, the two networks that carry Sunday afternoon games, the NFL secured the right to do it right away.

And so it will.

Meanwhile, Time Warner customers continue to be pissed.

13 responses to “RedZone lands on DISH Network, too

  1. meanwhile, as a long time subscriber to DirecTV Sunday Ticket, I have to buy Sunday Ticket plus an extra $100 for HD and Red Zone Channel. It doesn’t appear that I can just order Red Zone for Directv. Wonder what the Red Zone is going to cost( I will be going back to Directv and insist the I should receive for free since I am already paying for Sunday Ticket)

  2. Time Warner makes me so mad….its my only option and they know it…..I have called and emailed so many times telling them I am willing to pay more for NFLN and Red Zone but they say “What about the people that dont want it? We dont want to have to raise their rates.” Frustrates me to no end. Its time to revolt. Even if you dont have Time Warner email and call them for me. Thanks in advance.

  3. One would have to think that with the wild popularity of FiOS, Verizon would *have* to pick up RedZone as well, right? RIGHT?!?!
    Seriously, CFW (can’t wait)

  4. RZ with commercial breaks is going to suck, bigtime!
    Siciliano makes it look a lot easier than it is.

  5. orangecrushd13 Direct tv has always had the Redzone Channel. Thats the channel that switches to any game that has a team within the 20 yrd line (Red Zone).
    Oh Direct TV sucks! They have to have a credit card on file in order to have you as a customer and they charge you for things while you are not paying attention, so watch your credit card. I was charged for three boxes before I caught on to what was being charged to my account.

  6. Kicked Time Warner to the curb last week. Still having growing pains with the Direct DVR, but other than that, have watched a bunch of meaningless official practices against other teams.
    Still have Time Warner internet though.
    Hey Direct TV, how about some slow motion on the DVR?

  7. As a Dish Network customer the only thing I have to say is : Oh yeah!
    Espescially since I dumped my Bengal season tickets this past off season this works perfect.
    Viva La Revolution!

  8. Do people actually watch the RedZone channel?
    I’ve had Sunday Ticket since its inception and in all those years I think I may have watched a total of 20 minutes of RedZone.
    I watch football for more than scoring and I think a lot of other people probably do, too. Otherwise, DTV wouldn’t have let the thing go so easily.

  9. I am currently a Directv customer, but I’m about to switch to Dish Network because I want the NFL Redzone channel. I had the Redzone Channel last year with Directv and it was awesome, but I’d rather pay $5.99 a month for the sports package with Dish, than $400 for NFL Sunday Ticket and Superfan; both of which are needed in order to get the Redzone Channel.

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