Seahawks not talking about Edgerrin, yet

We were the first to report (hey, if no one else is gonna say so, then we’re the only ones who can) that running back Edgerrin James had agreed to terms with the Seahawks.  [Editor’s note:  Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times has jokingly (we think) demanded a retraction of our parenthetical, since he indeed pointed out our report.]

Since then, the report is everywhere — ESPN,, etc.

But the Seahawks have yet to acknowledge that James is joining the team.

Per the Associated Press, a Seahawks spokesman declined to comment on the matter and said that the team would address on Tuesday the “speculation” linking the eleventh man on the all-time leading rusher list to Seattle.

Attention Seahawks spokesman . . . it ain’t speculation.  And to call the reports “speculation” is to tell something other than the truth.

But, as we’ve pointed out several times over the past few weeks, they all lie in the name of strategic objectives.  In this case, our guess is that word got out before the Seahawks had a chance to harvest T.J. Duckett’s playbook.