Brandon Marshall is making progress

Brandon Marshall is no longer a second string wide receiver on the Broncos.  We think.

On the team’s latest released depth chart, Marshall is listed once again as a starting receiver.  Then again, so are three other wideouts: Eddie Royal, Brandon Stokley, and Jabar Gaffney.

Josh McDaniels lists 12 offensive starters in all, which would be a revolutionary way to attack defenses in the 2009 season.

Still, Marshall was listed as a backup last week, so this can be taken as a positive sign. So can the fact that Marshall is now doing everything at practice again, according to coach Josh McDaniels.  Marshall was working exclusively with the scout team last week.

Asked if Marshall would play in Denver’s preseason game against Chicago Sunday night, McDaniels gave a glimpse into the joy of covering the new-look Broncos.

“When the players are ready to play, they’ll play in the preseason,”
McDaniels said.  If they’re not
ready to play in the preseason, then they won’t play in the preseason.
And if they’re ready to go at Cincinnati [In Week One], that’s when they’ll play.”

Thanks, coach!  

21 responses to “Brandon Marshall is making progress

  1. Every time coach McDips**t opens his mouth, the Broncos start circling the drain a little faster.
    I’m trying to think back, Broncos fans, what did we do to deserve this?

  2. Those former New England Cheats are really getting ballsey. In the past you’d have to get someone to rat them out, then start an investigation to find out where the videos are, and subpeona former staff members. Now they are just blatently putting extra players on the field. I still predict Broncos 8-8 on the season w/ the 12 man offense.

  3. Drafty…
    All I can think is this is some kind of revenge for Shannon Sharpe’s infamous sideline phone call for the National Guard to be deployed “…because we are killing the Patriots!” Ever since that phone call, New England’s success has all been with the ultimate goal of putting a coach in place in Denver who will destroy the franchise from the inside out. It’s like the Manchurian Candidate for the AFC….

  4. Did anyone notice Jon Gruden last night VEHEMENTLY hinting that the Jets are going to trade for a big-name receiver?
    I know, “vehemently hinting” sounds like an oxymoron, and I didn’t think it was possible either, but watch the tape. Gruden was adamantly insisting, with the caveat that it’s just a hunch, that the Jets were going to bring someone in.
    And he wouldn’t let it go. Tirico and Jaws would change the subject, and Gruden kept going back to it…. “I’m TELLIN’ you guys, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Jets made a move for a top-shelf receiver here before the start of the season.”

  5. Why doesn’t McDaniels keep the Patriots pipeline going. Trade him to the Pats for a fourth-round pick. Heck, the Pats swindled Oakland to trade them Moss for that. Why can’t they for Marshall?

  6. McD is just getting the guys he feels comfortable with.
    Even with the backups from NE, we’ll still be better than the rest of the AFC.
    The Chargers are a choke…I mean joke.
    KC will be a laughing stock
    The Raiders will once again suck.

  7. Speaking of depth chart, can anyone understand why Hillis is #3??
    He is the beast in that line up of backs. I know he is really a FB but come on, he’s the one who fights, jumps and flips for extra yards. I say for now he should be listed at #1 and be given the chance to get even better. Just my humble opinion.

  8. By seasons end either mcdaniels looks like a mastermind, or a moron…
    Sorry denver fans, I think it will be the later
    Poor correll buckhalter and brian dawkins

  9. finsbooyah,
    that would be our draft spot if we hadn’t traded our own 1st rather than the Bears’ in 2010. it was pretty clear that we’d be picking in the top 10 and we traded it to Seattle so we could pick Alphonso Smith @ 33 in 2009.
    probably the most infuriating thing to come out of the Broncos since all of the drama started.

  10. See, ‘finsbooyah’, what you just said is that the Chicago Bears will have the second worst record in the NFL this year. While I am hoping that happens, I don’t believe that was your intent.
    I think you meant to say
    1. Cleveland Browns
    2. Seattle Seahawks
    3. Miami Dolphins
    Denver should pick somewhere toward the middle, assuming Cuntler can come up with another reason to bring down his team this year.

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