Cowboys scoop up Duke Preston

Former Packers center Duke Preston wasn’t out of work for long.

Cut on Tuesday after the team decided to go with Jason Spitz as the starter and Scott Wells as the backup, Preston has agreed to terms with the Cowboys.

Per Mike Heika of the Dallas Morning News, Preston will compete with Cory Procter to back up Andre Gurode.

It might be a good idea for the Cowboys to keep both players.  After all, Albert Haynesworth is now a member of the Redskins, and he might try to finish the job on Gurode when the Redskins and Cowboys get together this year.

Preston, a four-year veteran, appeared in 15 games last year and started 11 for the Bills.

21 responses to “Cowboys scoop up Duke Preston

  1. Holy Crap!!–THE Duke Preston??—I’m gonna have to cancel my trip sponsered by Chivas Regal to the Kennedy memorial–just so i can read up more on Duke Preston..

  2. @ Steeler
    You are a little right with that statement. Except we have a better QB than you, RB, TE, WR, OL, LB and comparable DB’s. IF you don’t recall the meeting last season we were one INT away from handing you the L.

  3. I’d take Gurode in a rematch. That is one strong dude. The reason Haynesworth did a curb job on him was that Gurode was pwning him that game and had just pushed him out of the way for a TD run through Haynesworth’s spot.
    It most likely means that Cory (aka ‘The Human Turnstile’ Proctor is history. Proctor was the backup at Center/Guard. Dallas has Holland as the backup at both Guard spots and Preston as the backup center, so, unless Preston is truly woeful, Proctor is gone. Would save Dallas $1million for the coming DeMarcus Ware retirement fund since Proctor signed a 1.5mil tender and Preston costs the league minimum (for salary cap that’s like $500K). So even if Proctor is a even or a little bit better (doubtful), he is the guy that gets dumped.

  4. Preston was terrible in GB. Slow. Constantly out of position and beaten by 3rd and 4th string D-linemen. Good fit for Dallas!

  5. I recall he did not get a signing bonus when he signed up as a free agent this winter with Green Bay; then he showed up for camp out of shape and got beat in the comnpetition for the job. Maybe he expected he was in when he was signed. Hope this is a lesson and he will do better in Dallas (except when they play the Packers!)

  6. I noticed Preston twice in the pre-season games and both times he was getting knocked back on his ass by a 2nd, 3rd or 4th stringer.
    Tomy Rono better pray Gurode never leaves the field.

  7. LOL When Preston was with the Bills, he constantly was being called for penalties and I can remember a couple of games where he snapped the ball right over Trent Edwards’ and the punters head (I think it caused a safety). He’s horrible but anything that makes the Cowboys worse is ok in my book.

  8. @killapup
    You were 1 INT away from giving us a loss, 1 game away from the playoffs, you won 1 less Superbowl than we did last year, and you have 1 less Superbowl ring than us.
    Wow! and you think the Cowboys are better than the Steelers at all of those positions?
    We have a better TEAM.

  9. # Beastie Bills says: August 27, 2009 11:13 AM
    Preston is terrible.
    Well whenever you sign a player, you want him to be able to easily mesh with your team.
    By sucking, Preston is just one step ahead of the game to becoming a Dallas Cowboy.

  10. # killachap says: August 27, 2009 12:06 PM
    ” IF you don’t recall the meeting last season we were one INT away from handing you the L.”
    If you don’t recall this is excuse 1,370,053 for the Cowboys lack of performance on the field. Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

  11. LOL,
    So, it’s a no risk move for Dallas. They need backup O linemen (who doesn’t). Bring in Preston, if he sucks they cut him before the season, if he doesn’t they have a decent backup on the cheap. *shrug*
    Not sure why the reaction other than it’s Dallas and anything they do sparks the enviers and haters.

  12. There is a football team in Dallas?!?!?!?!?
    Who ever knew. You would think their team would get media coverage every now and then

  13. Preston sucked with the Bills and the Bill cut him.
    The Packers with their Center coming off surgery signed if for nothing and got nothing out of him and cut him.
    With final cuts happening in 10 days or so Preston will be cut again.

  14. Take a trip down memory lane with me from last year…
    15 seconds to go in the half, Bill’s ball on the 7, 3rd down and no time outs left–> and guess which Dukie-boy Preston had the sense to start a fist fight near the goal?
    What a POS that guy is; but then, it couldn’t happen to a nicer collection of human sludge than the Cowboys…

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