Judge approves Vick bankruptcy plan

A federal bankruptcy judge approved on Thursday quarterback Mike Vick’s plan to repay some $20 million that he owes to a broad array of creditors.

(It’s unknown whether he’ll get to keep his Ms. Pacman game.)

Judge Frank Santoro pointed out that Vick is “at the pinnacle of his profession,” but that he has bungled his finances in the past.

With the legal entanglement out of the way, Vick can now focus on getting to Philly in time for Thursday night’s game.

Per ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio, the USAirways flight from Newport News is scheduled to arrive in Philadelphia at 4:20 p.m. ET.  The Eagles will pick Vick up at the airport and shuttle him to Lincoln Financial Field for pregame warm-ups.

18 responses to “Judge approves Vick bankruptcy plan

  1. I wonder how much pressure was put on Goodell
    to let Vick back into the league so that he could pay his creditors?

  2. This guy shows no remorse. Compare Vick’s 60 Minutes with Plaxico Burress on ESPN and you can tell in the eyes who is really sorry. Our Criminal Justice System (look up the origin of the word system for a clue) is in bad shape if it let’s this guy walk out and get back on the playing field.

  3. Looking forward to watching him play tonight. Should be interesting where they put him on the field.

  4. florio,
    When Vick’s original plan was disapproved, you indicated it was evidence of his lack of remorse and bad faith.
    The corollary must be that that the approval of the plan is evidence of remorse and good faith.

  5. RaiderChile says:
    “Compare Vick’s 60 Minutes with Plaxico Burress on ESPN and you can tell in the eyes who is really sorry.”
    It’s a good thing that we have a police profiler posting here on PFT! I mean, damn, I knew there were guys out there who were GOOD, but good enough to diagnose the feelings of a man based on a 7-10 minute television interview? Damn.
    I am impressed, sir. Your eye for sincerity is almost as good as Al Davis’ eye for talent.

  6. thing i dont like here is that a friend who lives in moorestown emailed me that owens(now vick) is his neighbor. a few years ago eagles made a huge fuss about owens knocking his eagles qb mcnabb and he was eventually suspended for year by team and team finished nowhere. and there was a constant vigil of media on owens driveway by media. especially espn. everyone remembers owens doing situps in that driveway and owens agent telling media “next question ” for every thing they asked him. well early in august owens now with buffalo was first to state vick should be signed by someone. and not long after eagles sign him BUT press never reveals he is now living in owens house!

  7. “the USAirways flight from Newport News is scheduled to arrive in Philadelphia at 4:20 p.m. ET.”
    Looks like Vick booked his own travel, huh?

  8. Can not wait to see him get hit good and hard
    I do wonder if he does not perform well will he be electrocuted or drowned?
    I vote for drowning

  9. Airport website still says ‘on time’, but in my experience, US Air + PHL = delay. Even separately these two entities have a very difficult time getting a flight in or out on time, together they can be devastating. Although with the apparent importance of Vick playing football again and getting his ‘second chance’ the FAA will likely intervene.
    It really sucks having this circus around this time. I really felt we could win it all this year before the signing, now I am not so sure. At least I know it sure as [radio edit] won’t be the Vikings.

  10. I wish someone would smash that Ms. Pacman game into pieces. I’m tired of hearing about it.
    The only thing Vick has ever been at the pinnacle at is being a piece of humanless shit.

  11. Vick will eventually become the future of the franchise, once he helps us get to the SB and win it,.People itz already written in stone.

  12. Strad,
    Usually, the only delay on USAir is waiting at the baggage carousel for the luggage they lose.

  13. Burris is sorry, a) because he got caught and b) he’s going to jail. Typical case of a guy using his celebrity to his advantage and then crying because he feels he’s going to jail because he is a celebrity.

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