Marshall isn't expected to file a grievance

With Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall suspended until September 6 and apparently not in jeopardy of having to cough up a fine in the amount of one or more regular-season game checks, Marshall isn’t expected to file a grievance challenging the suspension, according to Mike Klis of the Denver Post.

Marshall had the right to challenge the discipline.  As one source opined to us earlier today, Marshall wouldn’t have had “a leg to stand on” if he had opted to fight it, given the video evidence of his behavior at practice on Wednesday.

He also has the right to challenge any further discipline that might be imposed, if he doesn’t clean up his act.

And Marshall needs to clean up his act.  He still has no leverage, and his behavior is only scaring off whatever potential suitors might have been out there.

Here’s how Peter King put it on his Twitter page, and we’ll quote him since we fully support the liberal use of the term “ass” by all members of the sports media:  “Marshall stuns me with his lack of intelligence,” King says.  “He think he ups his chance to get dealt by acting like an ass.”

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  1. Here’s hoping that the Bronco’s NEVER cave in to the big baby’s demands. Owners and head coaches need to take back control of the “insane asylum” that is made up of the players. Hopefully the owners will get a little more power back with the new CBA as it applies to disciplining players. For example, why only a max. of 4 wks suspension without pay, or why can’t they send a player home without pay when they act like marshall, T.O., crabtree, etc. etc. Players get a freakin hangnail and they have to miss 3 weeks of practice and gms……football with skirts is what we have no days.

  2. I’d bet the farm that Peter King had to fight tooth and nail to avoid the urge to add “hole” at the end of that tweet. And he would have been 100% correct if he had.

  3. It’s not about the money with Marshall, he even said that in a recent interview.. He just wants out of Denver. If Marshall was injured or washed up and the team released him all these haters would not be complaining.. These franchises need to know how to value their players. If the man produces, pay him.. If you don’t want to pay him, let him go to somebody that will. McDaniels is a young punk, that is in way over his head.. Go Ravens!!!!!!

  4. Really acting like an Egirl at this point.
    Send him where he belongs..
    Shilly fans will cheer him like he only killed dogs!

  5. It’s time to add Brandon “Big Baby” Marshall to this year’s All-Turd Team.
    Unfortunately for the Turds, their entire offensive game plan consists of Wide Receivers pouting on the sidelines because they don’t get the ball.

  6. living like a little girl in the middle of her little world…
    time to let him be a blocking and tackling dummy.

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