Colts-Lions one-liners

Colts QB Peyton Manning was 12-of-15 for 123 yards, which could have been even better if his receivers didn’t drop a couple of passes.

Manning also could have had more if the Colts’ defense were able to get off the field; the Lions held the ball for more than 21 minutes of the first half.

Although Joseph Addai and Donald Brown had mediocre yards per carry, both of the Colts running backs had some good moments.

Colts DT Ed Johnson warmed up before the game, but he didn’t play because coach Jim Caldwell wanted to simulate conditions for Week One, when Johnson will be suspended.

Colts WR Pierre Garcon impressed Caldwell with his ability to pick up yards after a catch.

The Lions were physical up front on offense and it paid off with a big day running the ball.

All three Lions quarterbacks played well as well, leaving coach Jim Schwartz to say that it would make an easier decision if they didn’t “but that wouldn’t put our team in a good position.”

On defense, the Lions didn’t give up any big plays, but they struggled to halt Colts drives.

Lions TE Brandon Pettigrew had two catches for 24 yards in his first preseason action.

QB Daunte Culpepper credited WR Calvin Johnson with helping open up the field for the Lions running game.   

2 responses to “Colts-Lions one-liners

  1. While it was a patchwork defense, they looked like last year. They couldn’t get off the field and time of possession was horrible.
    On offense, a few drops were really bad (i.e. Gonzo’s drop of an absolutely perfect pass that hit him in the gut. The look of self-disgust that Gonzo had after the drop said it all.)
    Currently, judging by yesterday’s game, only Peyton, Dallas Clark, and Reggie Wayne look ready to start a season. (Although the O-line played much better.)

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