Pats dump Kevin O'Connell

Last year, there was much speculation that the Patriots might cut backup quarterback Matt Cassel, who was having a preseason most league observers regarded as rough.

If rookie Kevin O’Connell, a third-round draft pick in 2008, had been ready to fill the void in the event starter Tom Brady became injured (which, obviously, he did), maybe Cassel would have been cut.

Cassel stayed, and we know the rest of the story.

This year, O’Connell surprisingly has gotten the boot, despite his third-round pedigree.

The news comes from Mike Reiss of Future, who for now is still working the beat for the Globe.

O’Connell will be subject to the waivers system.  And the team most likely to make a claim will be the Kansas City Chiefs, given that G.M. Scott Pioli was the V.P. of player personnel in New England when O’Connell arrived from San Diego State a year ago.

The only teams with priority over the Chiefs in the waiver process will be the Lions and the Rams.  Given the uncertainty of the quarterback depth chart in St. Louis, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Rams put in a claim for him.

If the Chiefs get O’Connell and move Tyler Thigpen, they’ll have the same trio of quarterbacks that the Pats had last year, post-Brady:  Cassell, O’Connell, and Matt Gutierrez.

11 responses to “Pats dump Kevin O'Connell

  1. O’Connell went 3 of 10 for 18 yds and 2 interceptions against the Redskins on Friday. The fact that he has a “third-round pedigree” is what’s surprising, not the fact that he got cut.

  2. “If the Chiefs get O’Connell and move Tyler Thigpen, they’ll have the same trio of quarterbacks that the Pats had last year, post-Brady: Cassell, O’Connell, and Matt Gutierrez.”
    Forgetting Brodie Croyle?

  3. Yeah…….this is more important than 1 of the last 2 unsigned first round draft picks signing like 2 hours ago…….Way to put the cart before the horse…….Hell, florio i like your smartass remarks, and it’s basically funny……..But how about reporting on football instead of how many hits ya can get

  4. His performance against the Redskins sucked…..but Cassel was horrible last pre-season too and then ran the offense very well in the regular season.
    Something must have gone sour with O’Connell/Bellichek. The kid was initially thought of very highly. I’ll be very curious as to what comes out and the reasoning behind this.

  5. Remember when the Bills picked up Lawyer Milloy right before their first game together? And when The Pats picked up a certain Jonathon “Fast Freddie” Smith when the Bills let him go right before they played? If the Bills have been sniffing around the backup QB market, this move may make sense with their history of picking up each other’s players right before they play.

  6. The backup job for the Pats is solid… Brian Hoyer is a Tom Brady look alike and is a winner. He has performed well during the preseason after being an undrafted free agent.
    I knew before the draft that the Pats wanted him. I thought he’d be picked up in the 7th round… but why waste a pick on a guy no one but you wants?!?
    Anyway, this guy was a winner in college (MSU… Tom Brady’s rival) and he has played well thus far in the preseason.
    Maybe someone will do a story on this guy, he ties to MSU/UofM rivarly between Tom and Brian, put a Blink 182 spin (tom, mark and brian… nevermind) and see what I’ve seen in this guy the last 4 years.
    And yes, for all you naysayers… I know it’s preseason and he’s working against 2/3 string guys… get over it… winners create a winning atmosphere… Just like Drew Stanton in Detroit, also a former MSU QB.

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