Bears-Broncos one-liners

Bears QB Jay Cutler’s return to Denver was a successful one, as he ignored the boos to throw for 144 yards and lead a 98-yard touchdown drive just before the half.

Devin Hester showed he can still bring it as a punt returner with a 54-yard jaunt that set up the first Bears touchdown of the night.

There wasn’t much settled in the battle for the Bears’ third wide receiver spot.

Said Bears coach Lovie Smith of comparisons between this team and the
2006 NFC Champions, “That was a good team and this one is also.  It’s
early in
the game to tell.  On paper, we like what we have at each position.  We
have a long way to go, but I like the progress we’re making.”

Bears T Orlando Pace had trouble keeping up with Broncos DE Elvis Dumervil on speed rushes.

Dumervil’s success led to a sack and several pressures, but he also was flagged for a late hit that hurt the Broncos defense on the 98-yard Bears scoring drive.

That penalty was one of 10 that were called on the Broncos on Sunday night, which hurt them on both sides of the ball.

Broncos QB Kyle Orton was solid before departing with a finger injury, but he couldn’t lead the team to a touchdown.

Broncos WR Jabar Gaffney broke his thumb and is expected to miss several weeks.  

Hester’s big return illustrated the difficulty the Broncos will have in remaking special teams units that were mediocre in 2008.

5 responses to “Bears-Broncos one-liners

  1. The rule about “driving QB’s into the ground” needs to be tweaked. How the hell is a defensive player supposed to change direction mid tackle? If you don’t want to get hit, get rid of the ball sooner.
    Interceptions can be just as exciting as touchdown passes, NFL.

  2. WeMissYouDan, I agree.
    That RTP call on Brown seemed very iffy–I can’t imagine many 300-some lb. pass rushers being able to stop in a fraction of a second’s time.
    It just doesn’t follow physics…

  3. The call for roughing the passer on Alex Brown was bullshit.
    There was nothing late or intentional to hurt the QB involved and if you can’t deal with that part of the game then start looking for a job in the WBA.

  4. “There wasn’t much settled in the battle for the Bears’ third wide receiver spot.”
    Wait a minute, the Bears have 3 receivers? This is real news!

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